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Whether you're hunting for wine, liquor or craft beer, when it comes to overall selection, Total Wine is hard to beat. Its wine experts are up to even the most specific task — one mineraly red that pairs well with Vietnamese seafood, please — and its frequent tastings sweeten the deal. It also hosts inexpensive wine classes like Obscure Varietals 101: The Best Wines You've Never Tried.

Readers' Pick: Spec's Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods

Can Turkyilmaz

Burgundy's Local isn't a butcher — all this meat is precut and either 100 percent fresh or frozen solid — but for those trying to source meat more responsibly, you can't beat this rancher-owned Ross Avenue shop. Everything comes from nearby ranchers, including the array of grass-fed beef products from Burgundy's North Texas ranch. Burgundy is a whole-animal operation, meaning it finds uses for the entire animal, and at this shop you'll find everything from grass-fed beef and lamb to pasture-raised chicken, responsibly raised pork, and even duck eggs and whole rabbit.

Catherine Downes

Maggie Huff's style couldn't possibly be a better fit at FT33, which celebrates all things local and in season. Huff's hyperseasonal desserts are a shining star. Her use of savory elements like herbs, fats and in-season vegetables creates a stunning array of not-too-sweet treats that probably feature more vegetables than Dallas diners are accustomed to seeing on a dessert menu.

Best Wine/Liquor Store For the Healthy(ish)

Bar & Garden

Tim Cox

If you're trying to keep it clean while still supporting your rosé habit, Bar & Garden is your kinda place. This stunning Ross Avenue liquor store is a far cry from the sprawling, fluorescent-lit liquor megastores that pepper North Texas. With plants and gorgeous design elements, you'll want to stay awhile to browse this selection of natural wines and liquors that are free of artificial flavors, colors or flavorings. Sidle up to the bar when you arrive to taste whatever treats the store is sampling that day.

Kathy Tran

This happy Far North Dallas Indian fast-food and takeout spot serves North Indian fare and chaat, inexpensive Indian snacks such as dahi bhalle, chilled lentil dumplings soaked in yogurt and topped with chutney. Try the specialty, "Desi-style" pizzas topped with everything from paneer to tandoori chicken.

Readers' Pick: Kalachandji's

Beth Rankin

Matcha was everywhere this year, from lattes to ice cream to trendy poke restaurants with built-in matcha bars. But no matter where we tried this happy, grass-colored, powdered green tea, it couldn't hold a candle to the matcha at Local Press + Brew, the Oak Cliff coffee shop with a healthy juice bar twist. Using matcha from Dallas company Zakti, it brewed the most refreshing matcha concoctions in town. Order the iced matcha latte with almond milk on a balmy day, and your glass will be empty before you have time to say, "Whoa, this matcha is, like, really good."

Beth Rankin

This upbeat Austin import has the biggest healthy beverage menu in town, with a massive array of smoothies, cold-pressed juices and healthy shots. With free vintage arcade games and a cheerful interior, JuiceLand is just plain fun — and we love customizing the smoothies with add-ins like CBD oil, maca and even durian.

Beth Rankin

It's a little-known fact that the best charcuterie in the city can be found in a 45-year-old bistro on Greenville Avenue. Chef-owner Brian Luscher creates an incredible array of meat snacks for this board, including rabbit mortadella, chicken liver pate, soppressata and pork rillettes. The Grape may not be the first place you think of when craving some meat snacks, but it should be.

Brian Reinhart

There aren't many places in Dallas where you can sit in a wine bar and split a bottle of good rosé for just $14, but at Neighborhood Cellar, you'll find an impressive menu of delightfully affordable wines. The light, modern space — in what used to be WinePoste in Bishop Arts — is filled with affordable, approachable wine that you can drink at retail prices. Sidle up to the bar to sample whatever it's pouring that day, then curl up at a table by the window and watch Bishop Arts strollers while you sip wine on the cheap. You can also join the wine club to get bottles delivered to your door.

Beth Rankin

Pie Tap takes its dough seriously. Made with only flour, water, salt, olive oil and its proprietary yeast starter, which it feeds daily, this dough hits the spot without making you feel like you just binged on junk food. With a beautiful, crunchy but perfectly doughy crust and A-plus toppings like Calabrese salami and housemade mozzarella, this is better than the average pie. The fact that it'll deliver pizzas with a six-pack of beer or bottle of wine makes this one of our favorite pizzerias right now.

Readers' Pick: Cane Rosso

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