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Mikel Galicia

July did not go well for former Cowboys wide receiver and return specialist Lucky Whitehead. Whitehead's dog, Blitz, went missing, and the receiver received calls from someone asking for a ransom. A week later, a Fort Worth rapper named Boogotti Kasino returned the dog, claiming he'd bought it from someone else. Less than a week after that, Whitehead was off the Cowboys. The team cut him after finding out that he had a failure-to-appear warrant related to a shoplifting charge in Virginia. Which would've been fine, if a little tacky, except for the fact that the person who did the alleged shoplifting wasn't Whitehead. Instead, after getting arrested, a still unidentified man gave police Whitehead's identifying information, including his Social Security number. The Cowboys refused to give Whitehead another chance, but the unlucky speedster caught on with the New York Jets, one of the NFL's worst teams.

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