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Whether you're in need of a nice dress for a fancy gala or just some board games for a family game night, Galleria has it all. Some malls specialize in just one area, but the Galleria has stores for every want or need. There's Nordstrom, Box Lunch, Coach, Old Navy, McDonald's and so much more. With three floors and even the bottom ice rink level, there is enough to do at the Galleria to take up an entire day. And if you get tired of shopping, the ice rink is open year-round for people who want to skate with hundreds of people watching them from above. It's truly the best of all worlds.

There's nothing more magical than a trip to Nordstrom. When you walk in and see rows and rows of beautiful clothing, you immediately feel relaxed and at home. When you walk downstairs and see all the wonderful shoes, you know you aren't going home without some in your bag. Nordstrom has always had exceptional choices when it comes to shopping, but recently they've made the shopping experience that much better. Now customers are able to reserve an item online and try it on in the store, eliminating the stressful aspect of fighting over a highly sought-after dress in a crowded store. Also, if customers are really lazy, they're able to buy an item online, and a Nordstrom employee will deliver it to the customer curbside.

Whether you need the fresh air or just really love Texas heat, shopping at an outdoor mall has its benefits. Sunshine makes you happy, and happiness could end war. So just shop outside. And do it at the Shops at Legacy. Not only does the Shops at Legacy have an excellent store selection, such as Urban Outfitters, Kendra Scott and Lululemon, but the restaurants and bars help make the entire experience that much more enjoyable. When you're done shopping, there's Starbucks and Taco Diner and Benihana and several more places to enjoy a cold one and some amazing food.

It's 2018, and it's not enough to throw on an old T-shirt and some raggedy shorts and hit the gym. Workout attire has become a booming industry on its own, and shops upon shops are dedicated to making sure everyone in the gym looks their best while working toward looking their best. Lorna Jane understands this, and they have every option imaginable for the best workout gear. Their sports bras and leggings will ensure you look great. And if you aren't sure what to buy, you can shop by activity. And even better, for the overachieving pregnant women out there, they have a maternity line so you never miss a workout — even with a baby in the oven.

Kiernan Maletsky
Dolly Python

Entering Dolly Python is like stepping into a screenshot from "Alice in Wonderland." It's sensory overload of the most attractive variety. What's that lamp over there? Look at that purple velvet floor-length coat! I need these ceramic coasters! Half of the store is filled with vintage clothing from the 1940s through the 1980s. They carry a hefty selection of vintage boots ranging from cowboy to motorcycle and combat boots, so check here before you splurge at Western Warehouse.

Hannah Ridings
The Hair Bar

Straight, tousled, classic or curled — what's your blowout style? For those looking for straight-from-the-salon tresses sans the color and cut, nothing delivers quite like a blowout from The Hair Bar. The salon offers a menu of services, ranging from sleek to classic to va-va-voom, and uses high-end products from Kevin Murphy and Oribe. The Hair Bar also offers makeup application, extensions, updos and restorative treatments like the conditioning keratin protein shot. Since blowouts became all the rage nearly a decade ago, countless hair bars have popped up around Dallas. But this one remains a local favorite with good reason.

Few Dallas shopping experiences compare to that which goes down in the upstairs dress department at Tootsie's. First, staff waits on you hand and foot, both with wine and borderline adoration, neither of which are bad things. Second, if you have an event to go to and need a dress right this second, you can be in and out within half an hour with the appropriate garb and confidence there will be no buyer's remorse. And you can't put a price tag on that.

Curl confidence: That's when a head of perfectly formed curls bounces and billows, perfectly framing your face in all the right places. Other days, however, you're trying to figure out which combination of deep-penetrating hair conditioner and cooking oils salvaged from the kitchen might help disentangle the magnificent rat's nest that formed on the crown of your head as you slept that night. The struggle is real, but curly haired beauties from all over are flocking to expert curl care at HER Curls salon. Great cuts and styling are topped off with education and pro tips on how best to maintain your own texture of lovely locks. You'll leave saying like you mean it, I control my curls, my curls don't control me.

Pretty is as pretty does. We get it, but the makeup industry is on fire, and Dallas' MUAs are in particular demand. Paige Anderson tops our list, because she's a go-to for industry people and regular folks who need someone to help pull off a real beauty transformation. Anderson is knowledgeable and consultative; she knows "camera-ready" means one thing when a photographer is shooting for an editorial piece and something different if she's helping a client decide on her wedding-day look. She offers a full menu of beauty and styling services to meet every client's needs. A professional, organized, talented artist with a reputation for excellent work can be hard to find. But with her portfolio to prove it, you can feel confident you're in the right hands with this MUA.

Eyebrow threading is the future of eyebrow grooming. Forget plucking or tweezing or waxing or anything else that makes you want to die. Eyebrow threading is when a cotton thread twists and pulls the unwanted hairs — sort of like a lasso. It's typically more precise and less painful than waxing. At Sweet Salon, walk-ins are welcome, and you almost never have to wait. The entire process takes about five to 10 minutes, and you walk away with perfectly shaped eyebrows and no throbbing pain for hours. It's the best way to get those eyebrows on fleek.

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