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Diving into a pool of youth is what its website promises, and Facelogic in Highland Park delivers. Whether you go in for a signature facial, peel treatment or wax, you walk out of Facelogic feeling refreshed and youthful and like the best version of yourself. Not only are the services top of the line, Facelogic offers a membership service, allowing customers to spend either $59 a month for one signature service per month (50-minute customized signature facial or 50-minute custom massage) or $99 a month for one elite service per month (60-minute elite facial or 80-minute custom massage). A membership service guarantees you'll put your body's needs at the forefront each month and walk away having dived and swum in the pool of youth.

Eyelash extensions are all the rage. They allow you to wake up and not worry about the pain of putting on mascara. They resemble the drama of false eyelashes but minus the glue and the possibility of falling off. Several salons do eyelash extensions, but it takes a talented esthetician to know what kind of extensions look best for each customer. The Art of Beauty by Lomuns listens to their customers and caters each extension to the face shape. You'll walk away from The Art of Beauty by Lomuns feeling more beautiful than ever and with dramatic eyelashes that can be seen from hundreds of feet away.

Lawyers-turned-entrepreneurs Flauren Bender and Hallie Lamont founded The Greenway Shop to fulfill their own desire for a one-stop destination for clean makeup and skin care. Many clean, green beauty spots have followed, but Greenway Shop stands apart with its well-edited assortment of holistic, toxin- and paraben-free products for men, women and kids. Bender and Lamont, who met at a music class for their babies, vet each product, bringing together a wide range of well-known beauty brands and under-the-radar indie finds such as Beauty Chef, Indie Lee, RMS and Ursa Major. The green queen herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, even endorsed the shop, featuring it in the Goop guide to Dallas.

Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown lies a tranquil oasis where you can get both your mind and shoulder knots right. It's not the cheapest spa in town, but as the kids like to say, go big or go home. They offer a healthy variety of services, including body wraps, lip treatments, waxing and makeup. If your nails need a recharge, try the Red Flower French Lavender manicure. If your relationship needs a subtle bump, get a couple's massage. Whatever you're after, Spa Adolphus can help you rejuvenate and relax.

Bellacures is the all-inclusive cruise of nail salons, and it's as Dallas as they come. With services like the Wake-Up Coffee Mani, the Make Time Stop Anti-Aging Mani, and the "Man"i-Cure, their dedication to hand and foot love is on clear display, and why not? Does your darling daughter (or son) need some polish? Gift them the Kid-i-Cure Mani. Are you sensing the pattern? Bellacures has something for everyone, including a manicure called Nuts About Walnuts, and we're totally on board with that.

Whether it's after a long and stressful week at work or simply because you're an adult and deserve it, massages relax you and make you happier. At Ritz-Carlton, there's the signature massage, a custom massage, fitness and sports massage, couple's massage, a migraine miracle massage, hot stone massage and so much more. Beyond massages, the Ritz-Carlton spa has so many options, you'll wonder why you don't book an appointment for every week. It's your body, and it needs the love and affection you give your job. Treat yourself.

Scent is part of the overall impression, and if you smell like an idiot, you probably are one. Thankfully for those who aspire not to be idiots, Hermès takes fragrance seriously, and its prices reflect that. But like any respectable fashion house, they are ever-generous with free samples. Though you might be buying colognes of questionable provenance from the back of someone's car today, you could be tomorrow's Hermès customer. This iconic French leather goods and fashion house knows this, and in their only Dallas location in Highland Park Village, you can explore their exquisite scents while surrounded by flawless leather, intricately screened silk scarves and cleverly patterned ties. For the low, low price of nothing, you can simply ask for sample vials of any fragrance, and voila — you've got them!

If you're searching for a new hobby, look no further than the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association. The organization is open and welcoming to anyone who's interested in beekeeping and offers a Beekeeping 101 class throughout the year. Members are passionate about the pastime, which has been steadily gaining popularity among millennials. They mentor newcomers and host community events to educate future enthusiasts about the joys of making honey. And if you're really sweet, you can even put your name in the hat to be the next Honey Queen or Honey Princess.

So the feds are all set to crack down on vaping — again — because naughty teenagers are getting their mitts on Juuls, those sleek, incredibly overpriced cigarette substitutes that look like a USB drive. Can't have the widdle law-breaking apes getting hooked on nicotine, even if cracking down on vaping makes life harder on the countless adults who've turned to vaping to give up tobacco and not die. Yes, it's far, far better that 10 adults die than some fad-following punk gets hooked on nicotine, which is not a proven carcinogen and arguably no worse than caffeine. What's an adult to do? Well, there are, ahem, other substances to vape, and nicotine-laced juices are now being held to higher manufacturing standards. So take heart. Whether you're looking to kick cigs, just like blowing huge clouds of vapor or have other non-tobacco products you want to puff, 710 Vapors has you covered with a complete selection of high-quality, regulation-meeting juices, vaping rigs and tanks, torches, cleaners and some of the coolest glassware in the city. Why would someone pay $4,500 for a Darby X Eusheen Rifle Banger Hanger? Because it's a work of art, which 710 Vapors also sells — the wall kind, not just the bong-y kind. Not everything in the shop is that pricey, of course. Sampling juices, for example, only costs a penny. Check it out, but please, leave your damn kid at home.

We love a good garage sale, but nothing tops a garage sale featuring high-end brands that otherwise might be out of reach for most shoppers. Enter Snider Plaza's Luxury Garage Sale. It's not actually a garage sale; it's more like a boutique shopping experience. The store's well-edited selection of clothing and accessories from designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Hermès and Céline, to name a few, is sold at a fraction of its original price. Frugal fashionistas, if you're not already hip to Luxury Garage Sale, add it to your list. You won't be disappointed.

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