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Scent is part of the overall impression, and if you smell like an idiot, you probably are one. Thankfully for those who aspire not to be idiots, Hermès takes fragrance seriously, and its prices reflect that. But like any respectable fashion house, they are ever-generous with free samples. Though you might be buying colognes of questionable provenance from the back of someone's car today, you could be tomorrow's Hermès customer. This iconic French leather goods and fashion house knows this, and in their only Dallas location in Highland Park Village, you can explore their exquisite scents while surrounded by flawless leather, intricately screened silk scarves and cleverly patterned ties. For the low, low price of nothing, you can simply ask for sample vials of any fragrance, and voila — you've got them!

If you're searching for a new hobby, look no further than the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association. The organization is open and welcoming to anyone who's interested in beekeeping and offers a Beekeeping 101 class throughout the year. Members are passionate about the pastime, which has been steadily gaining popularity among millennials. They mentor newcomers and host community events to educate future enthusiasts about the joys of making honey. And if you're really sweet, you can even put your name in the hat to be the next Honey Queen or Honey Princess.

So the feds are all set to crack down on vaping — again — because naughty teenagers are getting their mitts on Juuls, those sleek, incredibly overpriced cigarette substitutes that look like a USB drive. Can't have the widdle law-breaking apes getting hooked on nicotine, even if cracking down on vaping makes life harder on the countless adults who've turned to vaping to give up tobacco and not die. Yes, it's far, far better that 10 adults die than some fad-following punk gets hooked on nicotine, which is not a proven carcinogen and arguably no worse than caffeine. What's an adult to do? Well, there are, ahem, other substances to vape, and nicotine-laced juices are now being held to higher manufacturing standards. So take heart. Whether you're looking to kick cigs, just like blowing huge clouds of vapor or have other non-tobacco products you want to puff, 710 Vapors has you covered with a complete selection of high-quality, regulation-meeting juices, vaping rigs and tanks, torches, cleaners and some of the coolest glassware in the city. Why would someone pay $4,500 for a Darby X Eusheen Rifle Banger Hanger? Because it's a work of art, which 710 Vapors also sells — the wall kind, not just the bong-y kind. Not everything in the shop is that pricey, of course. Sampling juices, for example, only costs a penny. Check it out, but please, leave your damn kid at home.

We love a good garage sale, but nothing tops a garage sale featuring high-end brands that otherwise might be out of reach for most shoppers. Enter Snider Plaza's Luxury Garage Sale. It's not actually a garage sale; it's more like a boutique shopping experience. The store's well-edited selection of clothing and accessories from designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Hermès and Céline, to name a few, is sold at a fraction of its original price. Frugal fashionistas, if you're not already hip to Luxury Garage Sale, add it to your list. You won't be disappointed.

Finding good-looking, affordable eyeglass frames is a snap. Between online sellers and countless brick-and-mortar shops in Dallas offering all sorts of buy-one-pair-get-another-cheaply sales, a little shopping about can score you a deal. But wait, you say you need lenses with those frames? Ruh-roh, Shaggy. Lessee, with your super-light polywhatever space-age plastic, your UV coating, polarizing coating, anti-scratch coating, rust-proof undercoating, floor mats ... wait, you want no-line bifocals? Can you get a second mortgage on your home? Luckily, there's perennial reader favorite Warby Parker, with two local shops and a huge online selection with complete sets, including lenses, starting sub-$100. You can even take five frames home to find that perfect look. Yeah, progressive lenses still aren't cheap, but you don't want to look like your grandpa, do you?

Lots of people buy gifts, but there are a few people who are great gift-givers. These are the people who have the ability to home in on a seemingly insignificant statement made in passing and turn it into a gift you didn't even know you wanted or needed. Those gifts that make you ask, "How did you know?" or "Where in the world did you find this?" We Are 1976 is the type of shop these folks frequent. It is both a print shop and a gift shop. It is vintage and fresh, eclectic but inspired. We Are 1976's selection of homewares, journals, art prints and elevated tchotchkes is fun to browse without being overwhelming. Aspiring to be a great gift-giver? Start here.

It's hard to walk into Urban Spools without being drawn to the colorful fabrics lining the walls. But past the bright, quirky patterns is a classroom with sewing machines where beginner, intermediate and advanced students work on quilts, embroidery, clothing and more. Classes often teach trending projects, such as the atomic starburst quilt or the jelly roll rug, but there are also introductory lessons for various techniques, as well as classes and camps for kids. If you'd like to learn a new craft but had a bad experience in middle school, home, etc., patient, friendly teachers are there to help.

Whether you're a new photographer or someone who started shooting film decades ago, Don Puckett's shop stocks nearly every available film worth loading into your vintage or new cameras. Don's Photo Equipment started selling new and used photographic equipment to Dallas professionals and hobbyists nearly 20 years ago, and while most camera shops in Dallas went all in with memory cards and megapixels, Don and his son Todd have continued to serve the film photography community in North Texas. Don and Todd never shy away from answering questions and will happily talk shop with amateurs and professionals alike. The shop stocks cameras, lenses, camera bags, studio lighting, darkroom equipment and much more.

When Macklemore rapped about thrifting in 2012, suddenly the act of buying used and outdated clothes became a cool thing to do. Whether you're on the search for some old Levi's to cut into Daisy Dukes or a really ugly sweater that you think can make you look like a trendy work of art from Urban Outfitters, Thrift Giant has it all. There are racks upon racks of women's and men's and kids clothing. On top of all of that, there is furniture that looks good worn down or looks like a nice DIY project. And then there are baby dolls sitting on top of the racks of clothing just staring you in the eye, asking you to give them a nice home.

Instant film and other analogue photography are having a serious moment right now, but it can be tricky figuring out where to find your next vintage camera without spending a fortune. With a massive, ever-revolving assortment of cameras from which to choose, as well as darkroom services, camera equipment and a wide assortment of films and instant-film cameras, Denton Camera Exchange is the perfect place to tap into your analogue side. The small shop, located just off Denton's Downtown Square, was once a pharmacy in the 1950s, with old pharmaceutical equipment serving as decoration throughout. Like other used camera shops, you never know what gear will be in stock, but Denton Camera Exchange typically carries everything from digital and film camera bodies, lenses, camera bags, tripods, filters, film and more. They also develop black-and-white, color and slide film, from 35mm up to 4x5, with some scanning and printing services.

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