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Hannah Ridings
Oasis Plant Shop
A plant in a home can completely transform a living space, and Oasis Plant Shop knows that. Once you step into its jungle of beautiful greenery, you are overcome with the absolute need to adopt every kind of plant and take it home. Not only does Oasis offer hundreds of plants, they also specialize in several types of services. Learn how to install your plant, attend workshops on taking care of your plants and rent plants if you’re not quite ready to be a plant parent or are just in need of a plant for a special event. Plants are a key component in the circle of life, and Oasis Plant Shop is an even bigger component in your quest to own all the plants.
Hannah Ridings
SCRAP Denton
Do you scoff at overpriced, premade scrapbooking kits that line the shelves of major retail outlets? Consider a drive to Denton for a crafternoon you never dreamed you’d experience. SCRAP, as the name suggests, is a wonderland of almost every material, trinket or oddity. And it’s all donated, so it’s all super-cheap. Whatever your task, you’ll likely find what you need. Take a stroll through the aisles to get inspired or get help perfecting your crafting skills with any of its workshops. From knickknacks like random doll heads to spools of yarn to vintage black-and-white photos, this quaint little shop serves as the perfect addition to a project or a stand-alone decoration. Be sure to follow them on social media too for updates on community events.
Hannah Ridings
Richardson Bike Mart
Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or haven’t been on a bike since childhood, the knowledgeable, experienced staff members at Richardson Bike Mart are dedicated to finding the right option for you. The shop, which sells, services, repairs, rents and fits bikes, has four locations throughout the area with all the parts, clothing and gear you need. The locally owned company hosts weekly rides and community events for cyclists of varying skill levels, and its website offers a map of bike trails in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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