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This is not your mother's spin class. Darkness and pulsating beats are just two precursors to the drenched condition you'll find yourself in 45 minutes after you begin your Soul Cycle class. This high-intensity workout requires only nominal coordination, good news for the less coordinated fitness enthusiasts among us. Once class kicks into gear, you're rarely "in the saddle" (read: seated). Instead, you're doing "jumps" (which are exactly what they sound like) or hovering a pinkie's length above your seats. Get excited to attempt pseudo-push-ups off the handlebar and somehow juggle 2-pound hand weights all while spinning. It hurts. But it hurts so good.

Readers' Choice:Soul Cycle

For those who love golf but are more Caddyshack than PGA Tour, Top Golf is the place to go. You can work on your form in a low-pressure environment that encourages fun over frustration, with a climate-controlled bay serving as your base of operations while you aim for arcade-like targets on the range. You can bring the whole family to enjoy the games and extensive menu, or make it an adults-only night by sampling the offerings from the bar while you compete to see who woulda, coulda been the next Tiger Woods.

Yoga is where we go to zen out, but for some of us hip-hop can have the same effect. The folks behind hip-hop yoga classes at V12 Yoga Studio have figured out that when you combine the two, you get a new, fun way to connect mind, body and spirit. Led by Dallas fitness enthusiast Ade Hazley, hip-hop yoga flow infuses breath, alignment and meditation with culturally relevant music. The energy is sure to get you centered. If not, just dance.

Hannah Riding
Arbor Hills
Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s in Plano; this is Best of Dallas. Can't we all just get along? Besides, the Observer gives plenty of love to the (Relatively) Great Trinity Forest, Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve, etc. This year we're giving the nod to Arbor Hills because, despite what you might read in your local alternative weekly, our neighbor to the north is not a dystopian suburban wasteland of lawn Nazis occupying single-family homes. You'd know that if you've ever been to Arbor Hills Nature Center, which is 200 acres of blackland prairie and riparian and upland forests that just happen to be nestled in the heart of a suburban landscape of lawns and single-family homes. We're not saying it's perfect, but it does have 3 miles of paved hiking trails, another 3 miles of unpaved hiking trails and nearly 3 miles of off-road biking trails. It’s also home to a pavilion, fields of wildflowers and stands of native trees, plus it's a certified Audubon cooperative sanctuary site. So, birds, nature, things like that. Also, from certain vantage points, you might be able to peek in a Plano homeowner's window and learn that they are just like us, though not as cool, of course.
Roderick Pullum
Epic Waters
With 11 slides, a swimming pool, a lazy river and an aquatic playground under a retractable roof, this new 80,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor waterpark provides year-round family entertainment. Thrill-seekers (who are at least 48 inches tall) can drop at high speeds on the Lasso Loop, experience a sense of zero gravity on the Yellowjacket Drop or compete with friends on the E-Racers. And since swimming is the only reasonable outdoor activity to participate in during Texas’ triple-digit summer heat, there’s also an outdoor wave pool open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Hannah Ridings
Altitude Trampoline Park
Wall-to-wall trampolines, extreme dodgeball, a trapeze, battle beams, a foam pit and fitness classes: At Altitude Trampoline Park, they've come up with every possible way kids and adults can have fun while jumping, though we probably need to caution anyone over the age of 30 that attempting a back flip on a trampoline is probably not a good idea. Not to worry; repeatedly launching yourself into the air along with dozens of little people is certain to make you feel young again. The attentive staff help make it a safe, high-energy destination for birthday parties, summer camps and even fitness classes. Don't be surprised if your first visit to Altitude isn't your last.
Hannah Ridings
This 50-minute mind and body experience is yoga on steroids. Declutter your mind in a zen-like way. You’ll hear Prince. You’ll hear Britney. You’ll hear your own internal cursing. But take heart and know the results will be worth it. It’s fast-paced, with exercises moving rapid-fire from one to the next so there’s no time to get bored. What’s special about Session is that they utilize something called the Allegro 2 Pilates reformer, which, translated, means “gravity-defying ass.” At the end you’ll want to say “Namaste a little longer.”
Hannah Ridings
When Pinstack came on the scene in 2015, it upped the ante for local bowling alleys. Though truth be told, calling it a bowling alley doesn’t seem quite right. It’s so much more. A field day for the senses, Pinstack has an arcade, rock-climbing wall, laser tag, and, more to the point, a full bar. There’s a ton to do, though, as the name implies, bowling is the main draw. Waiters are available at every lane to keep bowlers watered and fed, and take our word for it, the food is heads above standard bowling-alley fare.

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