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Seeing any live sports next year, or attending a concert, would be welcome, but the COVID-19 shutdown has been especially hard on baseball fans. People who will stay up until the wee hours to catch Korean baseball show a level of devotion usually reserved for heroin addicts. So, it was particularly harsh that Texas Rangers fans missed out on their first season of watching their team live in air-conditioned comfort because of the pandemic. But baseball fans are nothing if not patient — they have to be — so we know they'll be able to hold out at least a few more months to take a seat inside Arlington's newest $1.2 billion sports palace. And yes, we know that some fans might be able to get inside the stadium for a game before then because it was just named the neutral host site for the 2020 pandemic World Series. But they won't be watching the Rangers come October, which is more than harsh. It's cruel. It's like the Rangers are a father paying for a lavish wedding for someone else's daughter. Here's hoping that the seats are full from next year's home opener all the way until October 2021. 0x000A

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