Tida Pichakron

Haute Sweets is a downright cheerful little place, its pastry case dotted with whimsical macarons and cheerful comfort desserts. You'd never guess this shop has been through so much: COVID, of course, but add in a major accident. Last November, a car plowed through the front window, heavily damaging the kitchen before a major holiday and banging up owner/chef Tida Pichakron and two employees. Pichakron persevered while devotees of the Lake Highlands patisserie rallied to raise funds and stock up as soon as the doors opened. Within weeks, the Haute Sweets team was back to slinging delectable baked goods. It's a lesson in resilience, especially when you consider that somehow, Pichakron even had the energy to open a beautiful new shop in North Dallas' Hillcrest Village this summer.

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