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Artisan has been providing DFW with quality vapor for some time now with over 160 different e-liquids to choose from. But these days, there are even more reasons to hit up one of more than 30 local Artisan locations. The shops now carry a good selection of kratom, CBD and delta-8 THC products. If you don't know what you're looking for, one of the shop's employees can show you the ropes. They'll make sure you leave with the perfect product, but take it from us, their delta-8 tincture will send you to the moon.

Kathy Tran

The world of theater, costume design, props, filming equipment, and more is astonishingly more complex than most make it out to be. From finding the exact shade of alien green makeup, to era accurate pirate costumes, Norcostco has turned the chaotic into an experience that makes folks from seasoned set designers to aspiring filmmakers actually want to visit. While Norcostco has a thriving online presence, actually stepping into their physical store is an experience in and of itself.

Kathy Tran

Nail culture is going strong, and fashionable nails can make as much of a statement piece as any other adornment on your body, and, unlike your unfortunate tattoos, they're not permanent. North Texas has no shortage of nail salons, but Nailed in Oak Lawn stands out for its high customer reviews and attentive staff. The high-ceiling salon is more upscale than your standard strip mall nail spot and makes the experience more luxurious. Your hands will look like you've never worked a day in your life.

Courtesy of Pegasus Appliance Repair

There are four basic things we hope for when calling up anyone in the repair industry: Please fix it the first time; please don't rip us off; please show up on time, in less than an 8-hour window; and please don't speak to us like we are morons even if we are. On average, we hit about 3 out of 4 on that list in the past, but Pegasus Appliance Repair promises to improve our odds. Their uniformed, certified technicians roam about North Texas in bright red, white and blue vans ready to answer your call when your freezer turns your ice cream to soup, your washer stops spinning or your oven threatens to launch you into orbit. Their award-winning technicians will be ready, uniformed, dressed in slippers to protect your floors and following guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID. Fast, reliable and backed by tons of testimonials online from satisfied customers, they're the guys we will rely on that sad, horrible day our wine fridge gives up the ghost.

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