Bowen House's Winters With Hemingway Is the Best Drink for Dallas' Irrational Weather

courtesy Austin Marc Graf
This drink follows the weather from summery afternoons to wintery nights, all in one glass.
Fall this year in Dallas wasn't really much of a fall. The 95-degree days in October threw off our pumpkin spice mentality, so we're excited to finally be feeling a chill in the air — and warmer flavors on cocktail menus.

Bowen House's newly released fall and winter menu offers some light (but just right) cocktails for the chillier months and some perfect transitional options — a little wintery without overwhelming with heavy cream and copious nutmeg. Thanks to its simple flavor profile, the Winters With Hemingway is the perfect option for days that have highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. Zephyr gin and red vermouth set the stage with a great balance of spirits, and the housemade blackberry syrup goes in for the (perfect) kill.

Winters With Hemingway ($12): Zephyr Gin, Lillet Rouge, blackberry, sage, lemon

Bowen House, 2614 Boll St. (Uptown)