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You Can Buy a Shoutout From a Dallas Housewife or Even Ryan Cabrera. Remember Him?

Ryan Cabrera, rocking the same hairstyle he did in 2004.
courtesy the artist
Ryan Cabrera, rocking the same hairstyle he did in 2004.
Please, for the love of all things holy, reconsider any and all future gifts, because shoutouts from C- and D-list celebrities exist.

Cameo, a website that is solely for buying videos of celebrities giving personalized shoutouts, offers a variety of talent. You can buy one from several social media stars: Tori Spelling; two Dallas Housewives; and Ryan Cabrera, also a Dallas native. Cabrera sang that song "On the Way Down" and dated Ashlee Simpson.

Listen, we didn’t say it was a good variety of talent, but for $150, Dallas Housewife Cary Deuber will pretty much say anything you want her to. On her Cameo page, there is a featured video of her giving a shoutout to Princess Sameera telling her she loves her.

For a little bit less ($50), Dallas Housewife Brandi Redmond will blow you a kiss from her bed and tell you to drink a lot of Jesus juice (a phrase she coined on the series). And lastly, Cabrera will sing a bit of his most popular song for just $20. We know that because we bought it.

In eight days, our request was fulfilled. We simply asked Cabrera to wish our friend a happy new year and, if we were lucky, sing a bit of “On The Way Down.” He came through and here’s the proof:

Ryan Cabrera Giving A Shoutout from Paige Skinner on Vimeo.