Tackle That Tickle in Your Throat with Midnight Rambler's Wassail Cocktail

Tickle in your throat? A little bitta wassail will do ya good.
Courtesy of Midnight Rambler
Tickle in your throat? A little bitta wassail will do ya good.
Editor's note: This cocktail is no longer available at Midnight Rambler.

Dallas' flu outbreak is at its apex, and we're teetering from warm, sunny days to nearly frigid nights. It's a recipe for getting a touch of death if we've ever heard one. Our favorite remedy? A hot cocktail — assuming you're not already sick, since you should probably stay home if you are. But there's nothing wrong with being proactive.

The Revolution Will Not Be Wassailed, an offering on Midnight Rambler's winter cocktail list, is a warm cocktail reminiscent of the wassail recipe by co-creator Chad Solomon's mother. Solomon and Zach Smigiel heightened the recipe by plussing it up with stronger spirits, making it a hybrid wassail punch with a sherry base. The Rambler also pan-toasts and grinds the spices before adding them to the tipple so that each sip is punchy with both liquor and flavor.

The Revolution Will Not Be Wassailed: VSOP Cognac, Trinidadian Rum, Oloroso Sherry, spiced apple cider

Midnight Rambler, 1530 Main St. (Downtown)