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Dallas Couple Close to Winning CEO Position That Pays $10K a Month to Play

The view from the Hausers' office would look something like this.
The view from the Hausers' office would look something like this.
White sand beaches and clear blue skies sound like an amazing way to spend the summer — and an even better way to make some cash. That might be the future for Dallas couple Tennessee and Collin Hauser as they vie for the position of’s summer CEO, which in this case stands for Cancun Experience Officer.

The couple have traveled to many places in the past year. As photographers, they rely on social media to promote their brand. Collin ran across an ad in their Facebook feed that said “Get paid $10,000 a month to live and play in Cancun.”

It sounded too good to be true, but after a bit of research, they decided to apply by entering a one-minute video.

“This is what we have been wanting to do,” Collin says. “We want to travel, we want to blog, we want a brand ambassadorship.”

Tennessee has a background in interior design while Collin is a jazz musician. They hope the position would help them to promote their photography business and other endeavors.

"Get paid $10,000 a month to live and play in Cancun."

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“We are transitioning out of what we have been doing to be more intentional with what we are doing as a married couple,” Collin says. “We both have decided to put more energy into our photography.”

The couple have made it to the top 10 competitors in the competition, beating out more than 8,000 applicants for an initial 120 spots in the first round. The final round requires them to travel to  Cancun for on-site interviews with the judging panel. The position in Cancun will last six months.

In their final video submission, the Hausers decided to explore their hometown in a three- to five-minute video with very parameters.

“ left us with a lot of creative license and only seven days to make the video,” Tennessee says.

To set themselves apart from other applicants, the couple focused their video on individuals whom they feel represent Dallas.

“We wanted to not make it about ourselves but about how Dallas speaks through these people,” Tennessee says.

The video features a boot-shopping excursion, Tennessee getting new locks from a local hairstylist, the couple in a sushi-making lesson at Sushi Axiom and Collin’s first go at horseback riding. It finishes with a view of the skyline from Reunion Tower. The soundtrack to the video is “Sunflower" by local musician Ryan Berg, a friend of the couple.

“It was very serendipitous how it all came together,” Collin says. “Nothing was really planned and all kind of fell into place with a few phone calls as people were very open to the concept."

The winner will be selected at the end of the month.

“Through all of this, we want to create something that we are proud of beyond the competition, regardless of if we win or lose,” Collin says.