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The Weirdest DFW Restaurants for Valentine's Day Dinner, No Reservations Required

Treat your lady to some Korean soup made with hot dogs and American cheese at Ddong Ggo.
Kathy Tran
Treat your lady to some Korean soup made with hot dogs and American cheese at Ddong Ggo.
Let's skip the platitudes — ranging from "Valentine's Day is hell on earth" to "I bought you this stuffed animal from Walgreens" — and get right to it: If you're in a relationship and haven't explicitly set greeting card holiday-related boundaries, you're gonna have to pull something out of your ass for Valentine's Day on Wednesday. If you're last-minute stressing because all the good reservations are snapped up, rest easy: We got you. These curious spots are a little out there but totally fun, and you should be able to snag a seat without a reservation.

Cheese Island will definitely set the mood.
Kathy Tran
Ddong Ggo
2625 Old Denton Road, No. 322, Carrollton
Nothing sets the mood quite like a restaurant called "Butthole" in Korean. This kitschy Korea Town spot, serving fun bar fare in a modern, K-pop-filled space, will keep you entertained all night with nacho Cheetos french fries, hot dog and American cheese soup, and Cheese Island, a $25 dish featuring a small mountain of Korean fried chicken atop a sea of melted cheese. Try a bottle of soju or two.

Sushi Marquee loves movies, sushi and the '80s.
courtesy Sushi Marquee
Sushi Marquee
3625 The Star Blvd., Frisco
This '80s- and movie-themed sushi restaurant in Frisco is owned by the guy who played the white Power Ranger and fronts an '80s cover band called Awesome Sauce. That's ... a lot of things. Even amid the '80s kitsch, Sushi Marquee serves stellar sushi.

Russian Banya makes killer samsas.
Observer file photo
Russian Banya
2515 E. Rosemeade Parkway, Carrollton
Pack a bottle of vodka and get ready for an adventure at Russian Banya, the Russian bathhouse and restaurant in Carrollton. Take a steam and an eye-opening dip in the cold plunge pool before settling into Russian Banya's cafe, where you'll find stellar dumplings (pelmini) and manti the size of bed pillows filled with lamb and onion.

Kellie Reynolds
Bubble Jipangi
2640 Old Denton Road, Carrollton
Not to be too, uh, on the nose here, but if this Korean ice cream treat doesn't set the mood — or at least make for a memorable dessert — nothing will. The popular Korean treat features a hollow cone filled with ice cream and often topped with fruit or other sweet toppings.