10 Dating Sites to Please Whatever Fetish You Might Have

You into this kind of thing?
You into this kind of thing?
If you thought apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Grindr killed the old-school dot-com way of finding true love, you’re wrong. So wrong. Online dating sites are alive and well — and more specific than ever. Looking for a partner based primarily on political views, diet or net worth? We found niche dating sites for everyone from diapered adults and sugar daddies to vampires and clowns. These are the 10 strangest dating websites with active Dallas participants.

Sugar babies are not just a type of candy. On, they are women and men hunting for sugar daddies and mommies. According to the website, the perks of having a sugar daddy include finding a mentor to offer valuable guidance for long-term stability (yeah, OK); dating an experienced man who does not play games; and indulging in shopping sprees, expensive dinners and exotic travel vacations. (Let's all quit our jobs now.) Browse through profiles with details such as annual income, net worth and lifestyle budget (i.e. dollars he’s going to drop on you). Make sure to peep his or her relationship status — many users are “married but looking.”

2. Trump.Dating
Not sure if immigration bans and building a wall around the U.S. are appropriate first-date dinner discussion? Then this one’s for you. Wear your red hat with pride when you use this new dating website for Trump-supporting singles. The website has been making headlines lately, with good reason. According to Vice News, the former face of the website was convicted for having sex with a minor and videotaping it. We’re not totally surprised this site has Dallas users, but you might be taken aback by how many local singles are rallying together to “make dating great again.”

If you agree with the statement “City folks just don’t get it,” then you might find love on There are dozens of crop-growing men and women looking for mates in the Dallas area. Unfortunately, you’ll have to use your farm earnins’ to pay the subscription fee for this website. What are you waiting for? Sign up so you can tell him you think his tractor’s sexy.

We can’t think of anything worse than sitting across the table from someone eating breadsticks when you cannot partake. Dodge the awkward “I can’t eat this” conversation and meet a man enjoys gluten-free goods. Shopping in this section of the grocery store already increased your monthly spending, but you will also have to pay to find a fellow wheat-hater.

Perhaps you are guilty of only going on a date for the free food. No harm, no foul. We have all been there. But why settle for a measly meal when you can cash out for your time? We are not sure if this is legal — it sounds awfully savage — but allows users to pay you for a date. And when we say “pay,” we mean “auction.” The website refers to itself as “the online dating shortcut” by promising you will meet attractive people who might be considered out of your league. Log on to start bidding on, or getting paid for, dates.

Remember the episode of Broad City when Fred Armisen’s character hires Ilana and Abbi to clean his apartment while he watches in a diaper? This isn’t just comedy, folks. It's a real fetish. Yes, adults in diapers is a thing, and apparently in America, it’s a big thing. Browse more than 23,000 user profiles in the U.S. or explore photos, videos, polls and forums on this website. The only rules: no photos with kids, poop or nudity. You can finally start your search for a “diapered mate or parent,” thanks to


We all hope to find a transparent partner, but is there such a thing as too much information? Not for users, who can select which types of sexually transmitted diseases they are living with to appear front and center on their profiles. The website is powered by, a parent company that offers “love, support and hope.” We’re not saying there is anything wrong with this site, but 10 points for being bold if you join.

There is a whole world of blood-sucking vampire fanatics out there. There are so many, in fact, they need a niche website to find eternal love. On, you can “meet your dark soul mate today.” Where else are you going to meet vampires? We’re not sure if this is another fetish or if these people legit think they are vampires. Either way, it’s free, and you can meet people who will “share their vampire experiences with you.” The website also promises you’ll find passion that only vampires understand. *shrugs*

“Everyone loves clowns, so let a clown love you,” reads the homepage of this dating website. Why clown dating? According to, it is no fun looking for love when you’re a clown because behind the makeup and red nose is a lonely heart. The site also shares that clowns are accustomed to being on the road a lot, which serves as another setback in the dating circus. Still skeptical? Ellen DeGeneres featured this site on her show, so obviously it’s legitimate.

Have you ever loved a book so much you wanted to tell everyone about it? Probably. But have you ever loved a book so much you only wanted to date people who shared your love for this book? Possibly. If the book is The Fountainhead by Russian-American author Ayn Rand, you’re in luck. If you do not love this 753-page novel published in 1943, then this website does not apply to you. The end.