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Face-Palm: Dallas Musicians Share the Names of Their First Bands and The Songs They Played

The Disturbed looking disturbed.
courtesy Joe Gonzalez
The Disturbed looking disturbed.

Every musician started somewhere. And that was most likely in a garage playing music with friends.

It's that first project that fuels the delusion that music is someone's ticket to the big time or, more modestly, an excuse to just hang with friends. More often than not, someone's first band usually earns a well-earned face-palm.

We invited DFW musicians to reveal some of their earliest band memories. The shared the names of their first bands and what they played.

Joe Gonzalez
Solemn Assembly, Antivaxxer, Robot Seppuku Crisis

"My first band was called The Disturbed. Not the one that made it big but the skater punks from Arlington one. I was the lead guitarist but didn’t know how to play. We played a lot of Suicidal Tendencies and The Cult covers. Funny short story, we broke up and then a few of us formed another band called The Leftovers. Again, not the one that got famous."

John Dufilho
Deathray Davies, Apples in Stereo, Cliffs, Motorcade

"When I was in ninth grade, my friends and I started a hardcore band. We called ourselves Unwanted Children. I played drums. We recorded our best (and probably only) song on a jam-box in my room — it was called 'Kill Pigeons.' I'm pretty sure those were the only words to the song, too. It's all been downhill since."

Chad Deatley
The Dotz

"Our name was Slut Hammer, which was a compromise/blend of two different name entries. One guy wanted to be simply Slut, and the other was Hammer. When we played a talent show at school, we simply went by S&H Inc.

"We played your basic thrash music (Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, etc.) and a whole bunch of Black Sabbath. I started working in a record store and started bringing things like Jane's Addiction and Cure songs to the table. My masculinity was called into question, and we parted ways. I recently unearthed some old boombox recordings, so if anyone is interested ... ."

Rob Michaud
Bullet Machine, Responsible Johnny

"I've been putting together bands since I was in elementary school because all I ever wanted to be since I was 6 was a rock star. I think my first real band was a house party band in high school called Sam I Am, playing a mix of metal and bad blues-rock with me on guitar.

"Every show we played, we managed about three or four songs before the cops showed up. Our singer would mouth off to them, and everything would get broken up while we convinced ourselves that we were the most punk guys ever and if we'd played just a couple more songs, everyone would have loved us and fame and fortune would be right around the corner."

Alicia EV Boreman
Torch Song Genie, Atom & EV

"Seriously, I played electric bass and sang in a pub song four-piece folk band called Whiskey Breakfast. We covered all the best songs about whiskey, mining and old-timey jail. It was a good time and very silly."

Burette Douglas
The Cush

"My first band was called Love Salad. I played guitar. We lasted about three gigs. We were a two-piece way before it was cool, and we were pretty awful."

Bryan Gonzalez

"My first band was called Fired — we thought it was good juju. It was a punk/funk band (like the Casualties meet Bad Brains ... or so we thought). I was the main drummer, played a little keys. In reality, I was just a noise-maker. I was 14 in my first band."