At New Henderson Avenue Spot Smithy, the Cocktails Come With a Complex List of Ingredients

Susie Oszustowicz
If this cocktail is an indicator of the kind of "code" Smithy has ... we want to be part of the tribe.
There are a lot of words used to describe cocktails, but this week, we came across a new one: bushido, "the code of the samurai, stressing unquestioning loyalty and obedience and valuing honor above life," according to dictionary.com. But we were still stumped — how does it work in a cocktail?

Smithy, Knox/Henderson's newest be-there-or-you're-not-really-that-cool-at-all eatery, concocted a syrup made with mushroom, apricot, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and soy that it's dubbed bushido syrup. The incredibly complex syrup takes an already complex cocktail with three boozy elements to a new level of "what the hell did I just taste? Because I love it."

Bushido ($13): Japanese whiskey, Italicus aperitivo, sake, lemon, bushido syrup

Smithy, 2927 N. Henderson Ave.