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Kiefer Sutherland Buys Everyone in Audience Drinks During His Night as a Country Musician

Juan Betancourt
Kiefer Sutherland plays country music.
You may know Kiefer Sutherland as President Thomas Kirkman in ABC’s hit political drama series Designated Survivor. Or maybe as agent Jack Bauer in FOX’s 24.

Now you know the action star is a country singer — a surprisingly a good one.

Sutherland performed Friday at Billy Bob’s Texas and showed that he has a passion for music and is not afraid to discuss his personal life.

It took a while for Sutherland to appear onstage, but fans were patient. He had the look of a country singer with his cowboy attire and glass of whiskey. And if the crowd was hesitant to hear a TV star singing country music, Sutherland helped by buying everyone in the audience a drink.

Sutherland wasn't bad. At first, it was weird seeing him on Billy Bob's stage, but as soon as he started performing, the audience forgot that he’s an actor. By the end of the night, he was a country star.

Sutherland has a deep background in the music scene. He released his first album, Down in the Hole, in 2016. He's performed in more than 300 shows and is the co-founder and owner of Ironworks, an independent record label.

Sutherland balanced his performance with slow and relaxing songs and then picked up the pace with upbeat songs. He performed tracks from his first album and showcased some new ones from his upcoming album, Reckless and Me.

"That’s when I realized my 12-year-old daughter was smarter than me.” – Kiefer Sutherland

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Sutherland may have the beat and looks, but his storytelling was his biggest asset. Like most country singers, his songs are personal. His performance felt like you followed chapters of his life.

“I lost someone very early in my life," Sutherland told the crowd. "The only reason I introduce it [his song “Truth in your Eyes”] is because every once in a while, there’s someone that comes up to me and tells me they are going through a similar thing and it made them feel great to hear that song again."

Some songs were heavy, some more lighthearted. Sutherland's charm showed through in his storytelling. The biggest laughter of the night came when he explained the meaning of his song “Can’t Stay Away.” He told the audience he wrote the song 15 years ago and that at first only his daughter knew what the song was written for.

“What do you think that song is about?" Sutherland recalled. "She took a long breath and said, 'That stupid bar on the corner of the street.' She was right. That’s when I realized my 12-year-old daughter was smarter than me.”