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Oh Look, Troy Aikman Is Opening a Restaurant and "Entertainment Concept" in Arlington

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman announced Monday that he's opening his first restaurant and "entertainment concept" at Texas Live in the Arlington Entertainment District. It's called — wait for it — Troy's.

"Plans for the venue were shared by Aikman as part of an exclusive first look at the construction progress of Texas Live!, the $250 million world-class dining, entertainment and hospitality district being developed in partnership between the Texas Rangers, the Cordish Companies and the City of Arlington," according to a press release. "Troy’s, which will debut with the project late this summer, will join the likes of Arlington Backyard, Live! Arena, Rangers Republic, the country’s flagship PBR Country Bar, Revolver Brewing and Lockhart Smokehouse in anchoring Texas Live!"

Let let the phrase "the country's flagship PBR Country Bar" wash over you like a warm tide of underwhelming swill.

The bar, restaurant and venue "will flow from a refined rustic interior inspired from some of the best beer halls in Texas and the country to an expansive, lush outdoor patio space centered around a beautiful Live Oak tree," according to the release. "An indoor/outdoor stage in the middle will welcome live music seven days a week featuring a variety of local and regional acts. Additionally, Troy’s will feature a major LED display for a premier sports viewing experience."

But how about the food? Get ready for an "elevated menu" (a phrase that means absolutely nothing, by the way) of — wait for it one more time — burgers and margaritas.

Sure thing, Troy.