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Cinépolis Movie Theater Opens Without Those Annoying Front-Row Seats

Juan Betancourt
Guests will be able to click a dine-in button.

The wait is over. Cinépolis, the Mexican movie theater chain, is set to open its second movie theater in DFW on Friday at Victory Park.

Cinépolis was founded in the city of Morelia, Michoacán, in 1971. It's the fourth-largest movie chain in the world and is the No. 1 cinema company in Mexico. The company has expanded across the U.S. and internationally.

Victory Park's 44,000-square-foot Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas will offer a luxury movie experience with eight movie screens and 750 fully reclined leather seats with dine-in buttons for theater service.

“We're really happy to be here,” says Luis Olloqui, CEO of Cinépolis USA. “We're really excited for this opening. This is the first luxury cinema in Texas. [Addison] is where our headquarters is. We are proud of being here and trying to give the community the best concept that we have and the best experience.”

Although Cinépolis is a Mexican movie theater chain, it will not screen Spanish-language movies. This will be the 19th U.S. location, and all theaters screen English-language movies.

“Our target market services are targeted for everyone,” Olloqui says. “We're not concentrating only in the Latino community. We love everybody to come to the cinema. We show movies, all kind of movies, like normal movies like you see in other theaters.”

Ticket prices range from $10-$18 for adults and $8-$14 for children. The Euless Cinépolis, which was the first to open in DFW, does not have a box office staff. Instead, tickets are purchased online or by using a kiosk. Victory Park will offer all options, as well as reserved seating.

The Euless location is labeled as a premium theater. The 52,000-square-foot theater with 12 movie screens is slightly bigger than the Victory Park location. Seats are smaller, and guests who order their food in the concession stands receive notifications from light-up coasters that it's ready to be picked up at the stand.

The Victory Park location will offer a bigger menu than Euless, and there will not be any seats close to the movie screen.

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The Victory Park location will offer a bigger menu than Euless, and there will not be any seats close to the movie screen because Olloqui wants to offer the most comfortable experience.

“Those [close-up] seats are not comfortable,” Olloqui says. “For us, it’s very important that you have the best viewing experience. So we prefer not to have the seats there. Is it revenue that were losing? Maybe, but those will be clients that won’t be satisfied.”

You don’t need to go to Cinépolis just to enjoy the latest movie. The lobby and bar will be open to the public for guests to eat or drink and enjoy the view of Victory Park.

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Juan Betancourt

Olloqui understands that Cinépolis isn’t a well-known brand in the area. Besides having luxury services, he knows that the location will help attract guests to the theater.

“The location is very important,” Olloqui says. “Victory Park is a unique location for us that will draw a lot of attention, a lot of new clients.”

The theater was supposed to open in late spring, but it wasn’t quite ready.

“You sometimes have delays, but also we put a lot attention to details,” Olloqui says. “So, for us, it was very important to have the best cinema and offer the best experience and not rush it. At the end, it’s a lot better to take a little longer and make sure everything is done correctly.”

Cinépolis moved its headquarters from Los Angeles to Addison. Since then, the company has set the goal to expand to more locations in the U.S. Two more theaters are set to open this year, in Florida and California, and 10 theater openings and acquisitions are projected through 2020.

“We will continue to grow where we see opportunities,” Olloqui says.

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