Union Bear's Jelly Belly is an Autumnal Tiki Sipper

courtesy Union Bear
The Jelly Belly: helping make friends regret their cocktail order since 2018.
Isn't it the whole point of knowing what drinks to order? So you can make your friends jealous? It's all for that moment when their cocktails hit the table and they gaze at yours with forlorn looks, like they just can't figure out where their lives went wrong. It's drink FOMO.

Union Bear is here to help bring that look to the table with the aptly named Jelly Belly cocktail, a new offering on their fall menu that launches today, Oct. 4. The whimsical name is what it sounds like, a sweet, tropical drink that Izack Lara created with your vacation needs in mind. No out-of-office reply necessary.

Jelly Belly ($12): Old Forester Single Barrel bourbon, The Real McCoy 5-year aged rum, Giffard banana liqueur, house-made cinnamon vanilla syrup, fresh pineapple juice, allspice

Union Bear, 5880 State Highway 121 in Granite Park, Plano