Dallas Observer Music Awards

Presenting the 2018 DOMA Nominees

Rosegarden Funeral Party has four nominations this year.
David Fletcher
Rosegarden Funeral Party has four nominations this year.

The Dallas Observer Music Awards survived its 20s. It can no longer blame its age on being stupid, or getting too drunk at a party, or not knowing what they want to do with the rest of their life.

Well, they can, but society pities people in their 20s. Not 30-year-olds.

The DOMAs are 30. Over the hill. 30 and flirty. 30 and sad. However you view 30, apply it to the DOMAs.

The DOMAs will celebrate local music by hosting a showcase Saturday, Dec. 1, featuring the majority of the nominated acts. Then the awards ceremony will follow Tuesday, Dec. 4. The theme is Dirty 30, so dress in whatever way that theme speaks to you.

This year, Bobby Sessions leads the pack with six nominations. Punk band Dead Mockingbirds follows, bringing in five nominations. Rosegarden Funeral Party has four nominations, and 14-year-old newcomer Remy Reilly is nominated three times.

As always, a selected group of people assembled the ballot. The group consisted of local music experts, talent buyers, journalists, photographers, musicians, producers, DJs, radio hosts and more.

Like last year, instead of a public vote, a panel of judges will vote. We will announce the judges soon.

General admission tickets to the showcase are $10. And if you just can't take it and need more information, head to the DOMAs official website.

Best Album
Never Goin Back movie soundtrack
Uncommon Prayer, Kirby Brown
Greatest Hits, Dead Mockingbirds
Rvltn (Chapter 1): The Divided States of AmeriKKKa, Bobby Sessions
All That Wanting, Claire Morales

Best Bassist
Aaron Mireles, Sub-Sahara
Scott Lee, The Texas Gentlemen
Trinidad Diaz, Dead Mockingbirds
Nigel Rivers
Uriah Stake

Best Blues Act
Andy Pickett
Jim Suhler
Stevie James Trio
Nick Snyder

Best Country Act
Frankie Leonie
Dalton Domino
Eleven Hundred Springs
Charley Crockett

Best Cover Band
Awesome Sound
Captain and Camille
Back in Black
The Rich Girls

Best DJ
Christy Ray
DJ Leo J
DJ Sober
Blake Ward
Taylor Rae

Best DJ Night
"Barf Wave Plays the Hits" at N9nes
"New Math Mondays" at Off The Record
"Two:Tone DRUM & BASS" at Wit's End
"Jamz" at Double Wide

Best Drummer
Aaron AC Capers, Loyal Sally
Matthew Crain, Dead Mockingbirds
Chris Holmes
Marcus Jones
Max Oepen

Best Electronic Act
Omair Mirza
Jake Schrock

Best EP
Firebird, Rakim Al-Jabbar
Undefined, Mozez Tha Great
Living Quarters, Ben Hixon
Nothing Nowhere., Sealion
Crudforms Vol 3, Hoaries

Best Experimental/Noise Act
Paul Slavens
Black Taffy
Pinkish Black
They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy

Best Female Vocalist
Becky Middleton
Ansley Dougherty
Ginny Mac
Leah Lane
Vanessa Peters

Best Festival
Lights All Night
Sci-Fi Music Fest
Fortress Festival

Best Folk Act
Claire Morales
Wesley Jensen
Simone Nicole
The Gawd Almighties
Kiel Grove

Best Funk/R&B Act
Friday's Foolery
Medicine Man Revival
Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials
The Effinays

Best Group Act:
Rosegarden Funeral Party
Jesika Von Rabbit
Midnight Opera
The Effinays

Best Guitarist
Chris Holt
Casey Christian, The Black Cassettes
Kenneth Everette Pritchard, Dead Mockingbirds
Stephen Ketner, Stevie James Trio
Teddy Waggy, Midnight Opera

Best Hardcore Act
Royal Sons
Rosegarden Funeral Party
The Ellen Degenerates

Best Jazz Act
Corey Breedlove
Yells at Eels
Big Ass Brass Band
Kwinton Gray Project
Mark Lettieri Trio

Best Live Act
Bobby Sessions
Francine Thirteen
Medicine Man Revival
Sub Sahara

Best Male Vocalist
Sean Russell, Cut Throat Finches
Keite Young, Medicine Man Revival
Leon Bridges
Ryan Berg
Wesley Jensen

Best Metal Act
Bad Blood
Mountain of Smoke
Power Trip

Best Music Video
"Killer on the Moonbeam," Acid Carousel 
"Voodoo Queen," Medicine Man Revival
"Wired," Cure for Paranoia
"Blitzkrieg in Holland," Rosegarden Funeral Party
"Like Me," Bobby Sessions

Best New Act
Remy Reilly
Lorelei K
Cuban Doll
Rosegarden Funeral Party
Ryan Berg & the Velvet Ears

Best Pianist
Chad Stockslager
Poppy Xander
Jai’Sun Williams
Kwinton Gray
Caleb McCampbell

Best Pop Act
Jessie Frye
Poppy Xander
Rat Rios
Remy Reilly

Best Producer
Jason Burt
John Pedigo
Salim Nourallah
Beau Bedford

Best Punk Act
Dead Mockingbirds
Fat by the Gallon
Pink Thing
The Delzells

Best Radio Show/Podcast
The Paul Slavens Show, KXT 91.7
Hardline The Ticket, KTCK 1310 / 96.7
Hungover With V, Deep Ellum Radio
The Ghost of Blind Lemon, Deep Ellum Radio
The KXT Local Show, KXT 91.7

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act
Cure for Paranoia
Bobby Sessions
Buffalo Black
Chilldren of Indigo
Sam Lao

Best Record Label
Control Freaq Records
Dreamy Life Records and Music
Idol Records
Modern Electric Sound Recorders
High Standardz

Best Record Store
Good Records
Top Ten Records
Josey Records
Bill's Records
Recycled Books

Best Rock Act
Bryce Bangs
Jake Paleschic
The Texas Gentlemen
We are Band Nerds

Best Song
"Bet Ain't Worth the Hand," Leon Bridges
"Wrong Ppl," Chilldren of Indigo
“Johnny Cash,” Frankie Leonie
"Like Me," Bobby Sessions
"Voodoo Queen," Medicine Man Revival

Best Songwriter
Remy Reilly
Claire Morales
Bobby Sessions
Keite Young/Jason Burt
Jordan Henderson
High Moons

Best Talent Buyer
Gavin Mulloy
King Camel
Margin Walker
Moody Fuqua

Best Venue Over 500
Bomb Factory
Deep Ellum Art Co.
House of Blues

Best Venue Under 500
Three Links
Armoury D.E.
Club Dada