Song Premiere

Exclusive: Listen to Dead Flowers' New Single, 'We Aren't Satisfied'

Dead Flowers has a new song.
Andrew Sherman
Dead Flowers has a new song.

Dead Flowers’ fourth album, Let's Get Angry, won’t be out until Jan. 11, but we have an exclusive premiere of the first single, “We Aren’t Satisfied.” As evidenced here, the band continues its punky style from the previous album, Let Me Be.

The song won't be available to stream everywhere until Friday, Oct. 12. But you can watch the video here, stream it on SoundCloud and can even save it to Spotify here.

Sounding like Chuck Ragan fronting The Gaslight Anthem, the Dallas-based four piece isn’t afraid to be rusty and melodic.

“It was actually one of the last songs we wrote before we went into the studio,” frontman Corey Howe says as he walks around Deep Ellum. “To me, as the writer, it’s almost an anthem for the underdog feeling like, ‘I’m not satisfied where I’m at. I need to get beyond this.’

“It has a brief political undertone to it, which we’ve never really done before,” he adds. “But it’s kinda hard not to be a little political these days.”

The song sets the tone for the whole album, which was recorded at Century Recordings in Dripping Springs.

“This song and record as a whole is kind of that kick in the ass, so to speak, to stop complaining about your life if you’re not willing to fix it, or the lives of those around you,” Howe says.