Expect To Find the Guys of Silverstein at Oak Cliff's Spiral Diner

Silverstein plays the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill on Thursday.
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Silverstein plays the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill on Thursday.

Silverstein has never really stopped as a band. Playing across the globe since 2004, including well over a dozen times in Dallas, the band performs two sets per night. One is to celebrate their debut album, When Broken is Easily Fixed, as well as a set devoted to greatest hits/fan favorites. It’s the most they’ve played on a single tour, their latest of which hits Dallas on Thursday night at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill.

The band formed in 2000 in Burlington, Ontario, and they released When Broken is Easily Fixed in 2003. When the band originally came through Dallas to promote the album, they were on a slow incline, first as a supporting act and then as a headliner, playing the Gypsy Tea Room twice.

“I think that year and a half was very crazy for us,” bassist Billy Hamilton says. “Being a band from Canada, we weren’t really thinking of it as anything — touring as a support act or touring as a headline act. We were just taking whatever we could get.”

Though they fit in with the metalcore of the day with their use of clean and crunchy guitars and vocals, they never veered too close to what was en vogue at the time.

“We’ve always tried to stay current, but not necessarily buying into whatever the new trendy thing that’s happening,” Hamilton says. “We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. There have been a lot of bands that maybe we’ve not necessarily aligned with but maybe toured with. We didn’t make a crunkcore record when that was happening [laughs]. ... We just kept doing our thing but also didn’t restrict ourselves from being involved in those new trends, and those allowed us to stay relevant and current over 15 to 20 years.”

Their dedication to their work has led them to where they are now.

“It’s been 15 years of a nonstop grind, playing about 150 shows a year,” Hamilton says.

Six proper LPs have been released since When Broken is Easily Fixed. Their most recent record, Dead Reflection, came out in 2017. And they’ve maintained most of their lineup since then, with Paul Marc Rousseau replacing Neil Boshart on lead guitar in 2012, joining vocalist Shane Told, guitarist Josh Bradford and drummer Paul Koehler.

No matter where they play in North Texas, they try to always hit up the Oak Cliff location of Spiral Diner. Hamilton says the Mitch sandwich is his favorite and the Nachos Supremo is a must for the table.

“We’ve always been mostly rooted in vegan/vegetarianism in our band. We love that place. It’s definitely a go-to [place] every time we go.” – Billy Hamilton

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“We’ve always been mostly rooted in vegan/vegetarianism in our band,” Hamilton says. “We love that place. It’s definitely a go-to [place] every time we go.”

Doing this anniversary tour has delayed work on a new Silverstein LP, as these shows were originally planned to be only a few. When ticket sales were strong once they went on sale, the band decided to add more and more shows.

“It was a small idea that started rolling and now here we are with this 50- to 60-date tour,” Hamilton says.

The band plans to take some time off in 2019 and start working on another album, but that might not appear until 2020.

“We can’t really predict that far into the future,” Hamilton says, “but a lot of cool stuff is coming up.”

Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn and Capstan play Thursday, Nov. 29 at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. Tickets are $22.