Cauldron Ice Cream’s Puffle Cones Gain an Instant Following in Dallas

The H20 Rose ice cream puffle cone. Dream manifested.
Kellie Reynolds
The H20 Rose ice cream puffle cone. Dream manifested.
Cauldron Ice Cream celebrated its grand opening in Dallas last weekend. Judging by the lines of ice cream fans trailing out the door, it was a warm reception despite the freezing weather.

So what's the appeal? For many, it's the puffle cone. Available in original, churro and red velvet flavor, it's the waffle's bubblier cousin. Served up fresh, hot and perfumed with vanilla, it totally lives up to the hype.

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Well, it isn't.
Kellie Reynolds
It gets better. The California-based chain flash-freezes their treats with liquid nitrogen, creating a smoky show to enjoy while you wait. Your ice cream is transformed right before your very eyes, then shaped into their signature rose shape with just a few flicks of the wrist. To seal the deal, you gotta snap a pic with their "It's Not Gonna Lick Itself" neon sign. Otherwise, did your ice cream safari even really happen?

Fun flavors add to the allure. The H20 Rose, made with rose water and sprinkled with rose sugar, has subtle floral notes and looks right at home scooped up in a flower shape. Vegans, they didn't forget you: the Chamango and the Pineapple Express (similar to a Dole Whip) skip the dairy but not the deliciousness.

Cauldron's made-to-order ice cream is flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen.
Kellie Reynolds

If you love tea, you'll gravitate toward the Sun Moon and Stars ice cream — a blend of oolong, jasmine and green teas — or the Earl Grey lavender, topped with a drizzle of honey. Tea is served up in beverage form too, like the dreamy-looking, matcha-based Middle Earth ($3.95).

A small scoop in a cup will set you back $4.95. Add a dollar more for a Basic Bitch cone, or live like the qween you were truly meant to be and manifest your puffle cone destiny for $6.95.

With plans to expand in the near future, four more Cauldron locations are coming to Texas soon, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to live that puffle cone lifestyle.

Cauldron Ice Cream, 3001 Knox St. (Knox/Henderson)