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This New Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffle Joint in Plano Is Open 24 Hours

Paige Weaver
The interior at the new 24 Hot Chicken in Plano
Nashville hot chicken has made its way to Plano. 24 Hot Chicken and Waffle Bar opened last week at 1885 Dallas Parkway, in the former Noon Mediterranean space. This new fast-casual restaurant is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and serves fried chicken and breakfast items.

Duke Park and Nate Hanson are the brains behind this new concept. The pair first met in Rockville, Maryland, when their nearby stores were both burglarized. They are seasoned restaurateurs. Park was the first franchisee to bring Pinkberry to the U.S., and Hanson has worked in various chicken restaurants over the years.

In establishing 24 Hot Chicken, Park and Hanson did extensive research.

“We visited hot chicken restaurants across the country — including places in Nashville, like Prince’s where it originated,” Park says. “We did a lot of consulting, experimenting and asked a lot of questions. Over the course of time, we formulated our recipe.”

So far, the most popular menu item has been the Chicken & Waffle ($14.99) – a full homestyle waffle served with three jumbo tenders and maple syrup. When we visited, they also recommended the 24HOT jumbo tenders (three for $9.89, four for $11.99).

click to enlarge Four tenders with coleslaw at 24 Hot Chicken - PAIGE WEAVER
Four tenders with coleslaw at 24 Hot Chicken
Paige Weaver
Other menu items include 24HOT popcorn chicken (10 for $9.69), the Sanday Sandwich ($9.89), a quarter bird ($8.99), a half bird ($13.99), a whole bird ($26), and wings (five for $10.89, nine for $16.99). All of their main menu items come with a soda, white bread and pickles. You can upgrade to a margarita for $6.

Choose from five levels of spice, from country-style, which has no heat at all, to "video this," their highest level of spice. Park says that mild and #24HOT, their medium spice level, are the most popular choices.

Enjoy your chicken with one of their four dipping sauces, including 24 Comeback Sauce, a savory-sweet mayo-based sauce. They offer four sides a la carte: fries ($2.50 for small, $5.99 for a box), mac & cheese ($3.49), coleslaw ($2.99) and potato salad ($2.99).

click to enlarge The Sanday Sandwich, $9.89 - PAIGE WEAVER
The Sanday Sandwich, $9.89
Paige Weaver
When asked about their decision to operate 24 hours, Park says, “That was really Nate’s decision. He grew up here; his whole family is from here. He knows the area. There are no 24-hour chicken and waffle places in Plano.”

To accommodate late-night and morning patrons, 24 Hot Chicken has two breakfast items, which they serve at any time. The breakfast plate comes with a full waffle and two scrambled eggs ($8.99). You can add two jumbo tenders on top for an extra $5. They also serve a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, spicy mayo, caramelized onions, chives and cheddar on a butter brioche bun ($6.99).

24 Hot Chicken also has a full bar and five beers on draft, including local Dallas brews, and is hosting a grand-opening party from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, March 16.

24 Hot Chicken, 1885 Dallas Parkway, Plano