Enter Klyde Warren Park’s Portal and See the Rest of the World

Alex Gonzalez
The portal to the rest of the world.
Klyde Warren Park, meet the rest of the world.

Through Shared Studios’ Dallas_Portal, Dallasites in Klyde Warren Park can form connections and have discussions with people in different countries without having to leave Dallas.

The Dallas_Portal is a repurposed shipping container painted gold on the outside. The inside can hold up to 12 people at once, suitable for group discussions and lectures. The Dallas_Portal is one of over 40 across the world used to connect people via online video chat using immersive audiovisual technology.

“In Dallas, we are a very international city," says Dallas_Portal curator Constance White, “but sometimes we have our own silos, just with our phones and our day-to-day lives. The portal is a metaphor for accessing other places in the world.”

"The portal is a metaphor for accessing other places in the world.” – Constance White

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Since Shared Studios launched the Portal project in 2015, the portals have been used for a variety of things, including policy discussion, artistic collaboration, team building and bringing global audiences to brands.

When creating the Shared Studios Portal Project, founder Amar Bakshi sought to invent a way to help others embrace diversity, reject tribalism and amplify the voices of marginalized people. Through a Shared Studios Portal, an individual or a group can connect with refugees in Iraq, Honduran school children and many more.

“A few weeks ago, there was a quinceañera taking place in the park,” White says. “We were conversing with someone from Germany, and he had no idea what a quinceañera was, so we got into a really fascinating cultural exchange about traditions and rites of passage.”

The Dallas_Portal will be open in Klyde Warren Park until May 20. During the remainder of Dallas_Portal’s run, portal users will have the opportunity to speak with people from Mexico City, Lagos, Stockholm and more. There will also be a discussion on climate change taking place at the Dallas_Portal on Earth Day, April 22.