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6 Ways to Enjoy Game of Thrones In Case the Last Episode Stinks

Alex Gonzalez
Patrons can take a selfie in the Iron Throne at the Ill Minster Pub in Uptown.
Well, Sunday's the big night when the world bids goodbye to HBO's Game of Thrones, TV's bloodiest, most treacherous and sexually overcharged fantasy drama. The show has been running for eight blood-soaked seasons and attracted an audience of millions that spans the globe. That means you're definitely going to be disappointed with how it ends.

Think about it. How can anyone possibly come up with an ending that will please all the fans? It's impossible. If we knew how to do statistical math, the odds would show that you probably won't be happy with something. Just look at some of history's greatest shows and how much their endings pissed off the fans.

Remember how Mad Men fans felt so mad seeing (spoiler alert) their beloved Don Draper learn not to be so mad anymore? Their beloved ad man finally found inner peace with himself, and even growth and human development couldn't please the viewers.

The first run of Roseanne pissed every viewer they had with that laziest of TV tropes, "Oh, it was all just in her imagination. In contrast, the ending of the Roseanne reboot was completely easy to predict: she turned out to be a crazed racist.

Hell, The Sopranos literally left the final episode open-ended so the audience could use their imagination and come up with their own ending. Audiences got so mad that they started writing angry letters to their own brains.

We haven't even gotten to the final episode of Game of Thrones and every headline and social media post on the internet seems to be complaining about something about the penultimate episode. So if the whole never-ending violence on King's Landing in the last episode (which is what you think every GoT fan would want but noooooooo) left you worried about the final chapter of the epic saga, hedge your bets with one of these happenings so it won't feel like a complete waste of your time.

Drown your disappointment in drinks at the Crawl of Thrones Pub Crawl
Nothing on this earth can dull the pain that George R.R. Martin has created in our hearts like alcohol. It's like a loving parent or partner cradling you in the arm from the inside of your tummy. Since something is bound to make you feel sad on Sunday night, stuff those feelings way, way down with a stiff drink or eight on the Crawl of Thrones Pub Crawl starting at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Clutch Bar. You and a crowd of fellow mourners will venture forth on the untamed paths of Uptown to stop in at eight different bars, each of which represents the seven kingdoms and the Iron Islands, including the Kung Fu Saloon, The Ginger Man, the British Beverage Co., the Blackfriar Pub, Playground Bar Uptown, Nickel & Rye and the Ill Minster Pub. You'll get to watch the final episode in the Ill Minster Pub that has been decorated to look like the ultimate GoT tavern, complete with an iron throne. Try not to cry on it or it will rust.

Send George R.R. Martin on a shame walk with the Alamo Drafthouse's Master Pancake Roast
No one who knows what a GoT Walk of Shame looks like would actually want to watch George R.R. Martin do one unless that's your thing. The Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson is doing the next best thing without requiring a sedentary fantasy writer to disrobe in public. The long-running movie comedy troupe Master Pancake will host a special roast at 4:10 p.m. Sunday of TV's biggest (figuratively and literally) epic fantasy writer. Comedians John Erler, Scott Chester, Andrew Rosas and Ralphie Hardesty will host a movie-riffing marathon of some of the show's most memorable moments and you'll have just enough time to catch the finale, so whatever joy the Master Pancake folks gave you can be sucked out by the vacuum of inevitable disappointment.

Take sides with a handmade wood sign at Texas Wine and Wood's GoT Brunch and Board event
If you're going to amass an army to let your ire known, you're going to need a way to advertise. You could go the traditional route with an SEO-driven online campaign that targets allies based on minute personal data or you could just make a cool wooden sign that you can hang outside your home. The Texas Wine and Wood Creative Studio is holding a special brunch and DIY wooden sign-making event from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday. You can down some tasty mimosas while you pick out your own specially made GoT wood sign design from the studio's massive collection, or one you've designed yourself.

Fight back at the Dallas Public Library's The Tourney at Central
TV fans don't have to take the possibility of a bad ending sitting down, even if they are sitting down at the time they watch the final episode. You can prepare for a battle against the networks at the Dallas Public Library's GoT experience from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday. The festivities will include trivia contests, live music by the Dallas funk-rock group Paradise Within, a cosplay contest and (most importantly) a live fencing demonstration from the Victorian Fencing Society. We're not suggesting that you literally pick up a piece of cold steel and storm the HBO offices with actual malice, but you never know when a skill like fencing will come in handy like, say, for anyone who thinks that a reboot of The Big Bang Theory might be a good idea.

Revel in the beating drums of war at the GoT Live Concert Experience
The days can feel rather long after you've been let down by your favorite show's final episode. However, there is a way to still feel inspired by the beating drums of battle and the stirring sounds of an epic struggle between good and evil. The GoT Live Concert Experience is embarking on another 20-city American tour at the beginning of September and includes a stop on Sept. 26 at the Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. The show's Emmy-winning composer Ramin Djawadi will conduct live musical arrangements of the show's stirring soundtracks from the final season along to some of the show's most memorable and final moments.