Dallas Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Thanks to social media, better camera phones and misleading filters, it seems like everyone these days thinks they’re professional photographers. But on platforms like Instagram, populated by millions of amateurs insulting your sophisticated visual taste with insipid pictures of food and selfies with cat filters, the professionals stand out by truly beautifying your feed. Here is a list of the best Instagram accounts belonging to some of our favorite photographers from North Texas.

Even though he's only 22, this photographer is going places. Nick Glover’s account is filled with impressive Vogue-worthy fashion shots, each post more gorgeous than the next, each following an intriguing aesthetic that oozes talent.

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This guy’s sports photography is so vivid, that you can practically smell the athlete's sweat through your screen. Offering vibrant and emotion-filled action shots of your favorite athletes in the area, follow this account for behind-the-scenes looks with the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Stars and more.

If you can't make a concert, follow Robbie C, because it's the closest thing to being there. From big names like Linkin Park and Taylor Swift to intimate shows, this photographer snaps them all, making undiscovered artists look like billion-dollar rock stars, with photos full of taste, color and life.

This account offers nonstop bold visuals. More like a high-art collage with vast amounts of white space, Dennis Webb Jr.’s page is a standout full of interesting edits and creative experimentation.

As a photographer for the Granada Theater, it's no surprise that Jay Simon’s concert photography is pure excellence. His enviable access allows him to capture vibrant concert lighting and artists' passion, even the most minute of expressions.

Bridget Craig is a cool chick and it shows. She gets fire shots of artists in concert, sets up interesting band portraits and captures everyday life, all with the same amount of taste and tirelessly professional eye.

Here’s a portrait photographer who doesn't subscribe to the whole “dress the whole family in white shirts and denim and pose in the backyard of your suburban home” kind of portraits, instead providing edgy shots for the bad girl or boy.

This photographer will take your wedding photos to the next level, and they should be, considering your marriage will totally last forever. This account proves that you can capture love, and this photographer does it through consistently high-end visuals that are warm and swoon-worthy.

Bridgewater has got all your maternity, wedding and senior portrait needs. Her shots are rustic and organic, and we mean that literally: she captures anything from births to plants.

Jessica Taylor's site offers a collection of quirky fashion-shoot style editorials. Each of her posts has personality and depicts a clear story, whether it’s for an album cover or an advertising campaign.

This photojournalist's work has appeared on Rolling Stone, ESPN and The New York Times, and his posts include shots of everyone everywhere, from Jordan Spieth on the PGA Tour to Travis Scott in concert, but he clearly knows everyday men are also heroes, and posts pictures of chefs, wrestlers and teachers.

This photographer is a master of exquisite portraiture, her subjects are treated with a clean and stylish look, which makes her posts wildly captivating.

With close to 40K followers, it’s clear everyone in the area loves this account, and for good reason. Each shot is nothing shy of perfect, and with an eye for making the mundane seem miraculous, this photographer's skillful technique makes us physically unable to keep our eyes away.


Nobody has mastered the use of light as much as this well-known photographer. Tran's works stand out in so many genres, that she separated them into 5 different accounts, all worth following. @kathytranx is her lifestyle profile, @kathytran.eats features delectable food photography, @kathytranxx is for her portraits, is for weddings, engagements and family shoots, and our personal favorite, @moreweedthanwoman which showcases art featuring cannabis, and in the most creative of ways.


We're not gonna lie; we're very fond of our own Mike Brooks, who has done nightlife and music photography for the Dallas Observer for years, showcasing everyone who's ever stepped onto a local stage, from the massively famous to up-and-coming talent. Brooks honors them all with his signature high-drama, high-energy images. Follow not just for his outstanding shots, but to keep up with Brooks' taste-making, talent-scouting lens.