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Remy Reilly Debuts Her First Music Video, a ‘Ladies’ Anthem’ With the Vandoliers

Christopher Durbin
Remy Reilly at the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase last year.

Remy Reilly doesn't need to experience a feeling to write about it.

Last week, Reilly released "Burn," a song about a heartbroken and scorned woman, but Reilly says she wouldn't know the feeling.

"Oh, that's never happened to me," the 15-year-old says, laughing. "I just ... I don't know. I see other people go through it and it makes me mad for them. Being a girl, I want to be there for other girls."

That's the same sentiment she gave back when we interviewed her in 2018. She had firsthand experience for the songs about bullying, but the love songs came from outside observation.

Like "Rattlesnake," her song from her last EP, "Burn" is a "ladies' anthem," Reilly says.

"That was the inspiration: women empowerment," she says.

The music video for "Burn" was shot at Deep Ellum Art Co. with the Vandoliers. Reilly says it took about three to five times of playing the song through to get the video done. It was Reilly's first music video, and she says she was able to add her own ideas for the performance-like video.

"I see other people go through it and it makes me mad for them. Being a girl, I want to be there for other girls." — Remy Reilly

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"It's a simple video, but it's very fun," she says.

Since December when Reilly won the Dallas Observer Music Award for Best New Act, she says she's been writing and recording "nonstop" and learning how to perform with a band. She even took her talents to Los Angeles, where she performed at The Hi Hat.

"It has just been incredible," she says of the last few months. "I've enjoyed every last minute of it."

Reilly just finished her freshman year of high school and says it was a fun year, considering that for the first time ever, the majority of her classmates were supportive of her music career.

"I thought they were going to bully me about it, but they were really supportive," she says.

Reilly has taken the brunt of her classmates' bullying in the past, and it was even the inspiration for her debut song "26."

But now with supportive classmates and a DOMA, Reilly writes a new song about once a week, she says. After "Burn," she plans to release about five more songs over the next few months.

Watch Reilly's video below: