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Everything We Know About Dallas’ New Real Housewife from Her Instagram

Meet your new RHOD cast member, Kary Brittingham
Virginia Sherwood/Bravo
Meet your new RHOD cast member, Kary Brittingham

Hello. Did you feel that earthquake? It was caused by a new Real Housewives of Dallas trailer that dropped Tuesday. It has it all. Drama! Threats! Feelings! Can you believe it? We can too.

But there is something especially interesting from this trailer. RHOD has replaced Cary with Kary. Now that is dramatic! Cary Deuber will just be a "friend" on this season of RHOD and Kary Brittingham is now a full-time cast member.

Because we only got to see a few seconds of Brittingham in the trailer, we're forced to dive deep into her Instagram and Twitter to really get to know her.

First, when you google "Kary Brittingham Instagram," two Instagram accounts come up. One is for her. The other is for her jewelry line? Kamo by Kary Brittingham?

The last time the Kamo account uploaded was in May, so maybe being a Real Housewife has taken a toll on Brittingham's business or maybe she doesn't need jewelry money now that she has Bravo money.

What we learned from Brittingham's personal Instagram:

1. Her girlfriends are her therapy.

2. She almost exclusively goes out on Thursday nights.

3. She has been married for 10 years. She has a 12-year-old daughter and another daughter who just graduated high school. And a 17-year-old son. And another daughter, whose age we can't determine.

4. She voted. And didn't wait in any lines.

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#done #voted #nolines

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5. She was "so lucky" to see Cats on its last day on Broadway.

6. She loves this shirt.

7. Her "best day" was in Miami.

8. She loves Enice.

9. She's been in an airplane.

10. Seeing this statue of Sam Houston meant she was "almost there" to a place no one knows but her.

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Almost there

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What did you learn today? Please let us know. RHOD season 4 premieres 8 p.m. Sept. 4.