DizziBrands Opens Storefront to Offer Boozy Desserts

Tim Summers
DizziBrands has its own storefront now, making those boozy desserts that much easier for us to get our hands on.
I scream, you scream, we all scream ... for DizziCream?

DizziCream is one of the products sold under DizziBrands, a collection of alcohol-infused desserts showing up in Dallas. Already a hit in restaurants such as BuzzBrews and the Rustic, DizziBrands is hoping to become a household name with the opening of its first storefront and taste kitchen.

“We’ve been working on this project for over three years,” says DizziBrands founder Tim Summers. “It really was a side project, but when we got our liquor license from TABC last October, we decided to put it into high gear. We dropped everything we were doing and took this to the next level.”

In the DizziBrands family are ice creams called DizziCreams, popsicles called DizziPops and gelatin shots called DizziShots. This fall, DizziBrands will release new alcohol-infused cupcakes called DizziCakes.

“We were kind of the first ones to do what we’re doing,” Summers says. “We’ve got the highest ABV that we know of. It was important for us to break into the market as soon as we could, so we could beat our competitors to the punch.”

Since its launch last year, DizziCreams has unveiled 27 different ice cream flavors, including mint chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla bourbon and bananas foster. DizziCreams also releases seasonal flavors, including pumpkin spice in the fall and Irish car bomb around St. Patrick’s Day. They recently launched a brunch line of alcohol-infused popsicles, DizziPops, including white peach Bellini, blood orange mimosa, sangria and pomegranate rosé.

At first, developing these flavors proved to be a challenge to Summers and his team. He initially struggled to find the right people to bring his vision to life.

“It was a long process over the past three years,” Summers says. “We went through about six chefs and we got to the point where we weren’t happy with what we were getting, so we decided to (do) it ourselves. We’re not chefs by any means, and we’re not scientists by any means, so it was a big learning curve for us to really try to make it happen.”

click to enlarge DizziCream flavors - TIM SUMMERS
DizziCream flavors
Tim Summers
While Summers' products are sold in select restaurants, bars and hotels in Dallas, he hopes to expand his reach even more and work with Dallas’ top chefs. He admits, however, that distributing his products is difficult, given the composition of the desserts.

“Being that we’re considered a food by law, it’s been hard to find distribution,” Summers says. “We obviously can’t go through liquor distributors because they don’t have freezer trucks. We’ve gone to the big boys on the food side of it because they have freezer trucks, but it’s been a challenge to get them to understand the category. Hopefully, we’ll be getting on board with some of the big boys to make it a little bit easier, but currently, we are self-distributing, which means we go through a lot of dry ice.”

At DizziBrands’ new storefront, customers can purchase the ice creams, popsicles and gelatin shots to enjoy in-store or to take home. The desserts contain up to 17 percent alcohol by volume, which ensures that each customer gets their money’s worth. While Summers and crew want to continue expanding, both within the store and across Dallas-Fort Worth, they are having fun simply introducing the product to Dallasites.

“Dizzi is certainly a cool novelty, and it’s certainly a fun product,” Summers says. “I’m having fun going out there and sampling these because the reactions are just so wonderful. It’s a product we feel that can fit anywhere.”

DizziBrands, 5782 Alpha Road (Far North Dallas). 214-989-4087. Open 4-9 p.m. Monday-Friday.