Nashville Man Arrested at Gas Station Claims He’s Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban (left) and Mark Washington
Wiki Commons and Metro Nashville Police Department
Mark Cuban (left) and Mark Washington
Mark Washington tried to make the best of a bad night in downtown Nashville Tuesday night.

Confronted by Nashville police in a Shell station at which he'd been arrested multiple times for refusing to leave, Washington decided to try on a new identity. According to WKRN-TV, Washington told police officers he was, in fact, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. The store and everything inside belonged to him, Washington said.

Police determined that Washington was not Cuban but arrested him because they couldn't determine his actual identity, according to the TV station. Police figured out Washington's identity as they booked him into jail on criminal trespassing charges.

Just to make sure, the Observer got in touch with Cuban to see where he was Tuesday night.

"Lol. Saw that," the billionaire and Shark Tank star replied to our email.

A classic, non-denial denial if you ask us.