Martin House Brewing and Swiss Pastry Shop Made a Beer Baby

Martin House Brewing
Yes, it's real.
If you’re a fan of Fort Worth’s iconic Swiss Pastry Shop and Martin House Brewing Co., then your stars have aligned in a spectacular big-Texas-sky fashion.

The famed purveyor's Black Forest cake saddled up next to Martin House recently to concoct a beer that has us salivating just thinking about it: Martin House Black Forest Cake Beer.

Hold my beer while I dive into this cake.

The Swiss Pastry Shop opened in 1972. Hans Mueller Sr. started serving Swiss-inspired breakfast and lunch, all flanked by a pastry shop. His son, Hans Mueller Jr., a chef, has held true to the original concept over the years, and their loyal local customer base appreciates it. But the real darling of the show has always been the flourless Black Forest cake.

Less than 10 miles to the northeast of the restaurant, Martin House Brewing revels in creating beers that pay homage to all things local, by way of bands and pickles.

And now cake.

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Martin House Brewing Company and Swiss Pastry Shop collaborate on a Black Forest Cake Beer.
Swiss Pastry Shop
When asked about how this meeting of the Fort Worth minds came about, Mueller said they simply ate cake and talked about ingredients. (Yes, all our day jobs are stupid.)

“We drank a few of their current sweeter, high-ABV beers to get a feel for direction,” Mueller explains of the process. “I wanted the beer to have sweet cream, almond and chocolate notes because that's the main three flavors on our Black Forest cake.”

The final beer weighs in at 10% ABV and is described as an imperial cake ale brewed with vanilla, almond flour, sweet cream and a touch of cocoa powder.

A Facebook event invitation for the big reveal explains, “This will not be a stout, but rather a 'cake' ale with a lighter colored body and full of flavor.”

We’ll have to wait until Nov. 11 to see how it all works out, when Martin House will make it available on tap at their Riverside Lounge.

Based on demand, it may be available in stores at a later date. Good news, though, thanks to the new beer-to-go law, you can also buy cans to take home from the brewery: A 4-pack is $16. (TABC limits to-go sales to 288 ounces, and so that works out to 4.5 packs.)

P.S. The first couple of hundred guests at the brewery debut will also get cake.

Riverside Lounge at Martin House Brewing Co., 220 S. Sylvania Ave., Fort Worth. Open 4-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, noon-10 p.m. Friday-Sunday.