The Bands Playing the 2019 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase

Scott Fischer
Helium Queens are one of the bands brightening up our stage at the DOMA Showcase this year.
This week we let one major cat out of the DOMA bag: Our first lifetime achievement award recipient will be Erykah Badu, who will be attending the Dallas Observer Music Awards ceremony on Dec. 10 and receiving the award from none other than hip-hop legend The D.O.C.

But before we can get to handing out the awards and hosting the "Queen of Neo-Soul" (among others) at our Warhol's Factory-themed, red-carpet ceremony, we'll be throwing our yearly music festival in Deep Ellum on Saturday, Dec. 7, so that you, our endlessly cool readers, can check out the nominated acts and discover the soon-to-be objects of your musical obsessions.

Here is this year's DOMA Showcase lineup:

Trees  2709 Elm St.
6:40 DQ Hampton
7:40 Frankie Leonie
8:40 Straight Tequila Night
9:40 Medicine Man Revival
10:40 Kwinton Gray Project
11:40 Grays/Cure for Paranoia Colab (1½-hour set)

Three Links  2704 Elm St.
6:40 Tippy Balady
7:40 The Roomsounds
8:40 Ravs
9:40 Remy Reilly
10:40 Frances Heidy
11:40 RC Williams
12:40 Loyal Sally

Club Dada Inside  2720 Elm St.
6:40 Felt & Fur
7:40 Nervous Curtains
8:40 PriMadonna
9:40 Kyoto Lo-Fi
10:40 Helium Queens
11:40 Flower Child
12:40 TRUSKO

Club Dada Outside  2720 Elm St.
6:20 Land Mammal
7:20 Secrecies
8:20 Tin&Tonic
9:20 Mean Motor Scooter
10:20 Mattie
11:20 Nick Snyder
12:20 NITE

Ruins  2653 Commerce St.
10:40 Kirk Holloway
11:40 CoLab
12:40 Big Ass Brass Band

 210 N. Crowdus St.
6:20 Posival
7:20 Upsetting
8:20 Lorelei K
9:20 Sub-Sahara
10:20 American Shit Storm
11:20 Duell
12:20 Rosegarden Funeral Party

Off the Record  2716 Elm St.
8:20 Locations
9:20 Honey Folk
10:20 Wanz Dover
11:20 Matthew Urbanic

One ticket allows you to see any band in any venue. General admission tickets are $15, and increase to $25 at the door, so buy them now here.

G.A. tickets include showcase wristband for access to all participating venues: Canton Hall, Club Dada's two stages, Off the Record, Reno’s Chop Shop, Ruins and Three Links.

VIP tickets are $44, and increase to $50 at the door.

VIP includes showcase wristband for access to all participating venues, plus three drink tickets to use at Canton Hall Bar (private cash bar available after tickets are used), complimentary food and a DOMA T-shirt.

The lineup includes close to 40 bands in a boundless soundscape raging from blues to noise — so there is truly a stroke for all of you folks. For more information, visit See you at DOMA!