The Worst Decisions in Dallas Sports History

Jason Miller / Getty Images
This moment is going to follow Myles Garrett around for the rest of his career.
Myles Garrett did something dumb last week. With his Cleveland Browns moments from finishing a 21-7 win at home over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night, the Arlington Martin and Texas A&M product got involved in a melee with several members of the Steelers offense. Garrett eventually ripped off quarterback Mason Rudolph's helmet and hit the former Oklahoma State star in the head with it.
The NFL suspended Garrett, one of the league's best pass rushers, indefinitely, for his moment of madness. It wasn't the first time a Dallas-tied athlete has fallen under the spell of the red mist, nor will it be the last.

As Garrett gets ready to spend the rest of the season at home, let's look at some of Dallas sports' most unfortunate incidents.

(A couple of notes: 1. We're sticking to on-field/-ice/-court incidents. 2. Any athlete playing for one of Dallas professional sports franchises or hailing from North Texas was eligible for the list.)

Lenny Randle gets swift revenge: Cleveland Indians pitcher Milt Wilcox threw behind Rangers second baseman Lenny Randle in the eighth inning of a May 1974 game in Arlington. Randle didn't like it. On the next pitch, he laid down a bunt along the first-base line. As Wilcox fielded the ball, Randle leveled him with a forearm shiver, leading to a raucous benches-clearing brawl. Despite the violence of the collision, Wilcox held on to the ball. Randle was out and neither player was ejected. The '70s were different times. Note: WFAA's video of the confrontation and ensuing brawl shows a scoreboard image that makes it appear as if the fight happened in the fourth inning. That's not what happened, according to the game's box score.
Derian Hatcher plays by hockey's unwritten rules: After Phoenix Coyotes center Jeremy Roenick wiped out Stars center Mike Modano with an illegal hit in March 1999, it was inevitable that Dallas captain Derian Hatcher would seek some kind of revenge. On April 14, with the Coyotes in town for the Stars' third-to-last regular season game, Hatcher took his chance, launching himself at Roenick as he fought for the puck in the corner. The Stars defenseman broke Roenick's jaw in four places, leading to a seven-game suspension that ended up including five playoff games. The Stars won all five.
Jason Terry rings Michael Finley's bell: In the closing seconds of Game 5 of the 2006 Western Conference semifinals — still one of the hardest-fought series in Mavericks history — Dallas shooting guard Jason Terry ended up in a dog pile with San Antonio's Michael Finley. Terry punched Finley — who was on top of him — in the crotch. The game's refs missed the punch, but the NBA suspended Terry for Game 6. Without their second-leading scorer, the Mavs lost Game 6 in Dallas but beat the Spurs in San Antonio three nights later to take Game 7 and the series.  Frank Francisco redecorates the Oakland Coliseum: With the Rangers in the midst of a three-way playoff race in September 2004, a fight broke out between pitchers in the Texas bullpen and A's fans. Reliever Frank Francisco, who was in the dugout when the confrontation began, ran to the bullpen and eventually chucked a chair at the spectators, hitting a fan and breaking her nose. Major League Baseball suspended Francisco, who eventually pleaded no contest to assault charges and was sentenced to take anger management classes, for the rest of the regular season. Bill Guerin shows Brett Draney some brotherly love: Practice fights, as anyone who's paid any attention to an NFL training camp would know, happen all the time in professional sports. Fracases involving someone swinging a hockey stick, as the Stars' Bill Guerin did during a 2002 scrap with minor leaguer Brett Draney, are less common. Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree do Dallas proud: Two local high school kids who made it big — Richardson Berkner's Aqib Talib and Carter's Michael Crabtree — faced off in more ways than one in 2017. Things got ugly when Talib, then a Denver Broncos cornerback, tore off Raiders wide receiver Crabtree's gold chains. The two got into a fight that went from the sideline all the way into the end zone. Both players got ejections and two-game suspension that were eventually reduced to one game on appeal. Dennis Rodman kicks a cameraman: Rodman, an Oak Cliff native, could have made this list a couple of times. Officially, he gets his nod for kicking cameraman Eugene Amos as a member of the Chicago Bulls during a Jan. 15, 1997, game. The NBA suspended Rodman 11 games, and he eventually paid Amos a $200,000 settlement.  Vicente Padilla gets himself kicked out of Arlington: Rangers starter Vicente Padilla made his teammates so mad that Rangers general manager Jon Daniels couldn't do anything but designate him for assignment during the summer of 2009. His crime? He couldn't resist hitting batters, which frequently led to his teammates getting beaned.

"It’s about time. When a player disrupts a team, eventually there is going to come a time when management has enough. They have seen enough," outfielder Marlon Byrd said, according to The Dallas Morning News, after the team dumped Padilla.