Antwaun Woods Is Latest Cowboy to Have Stupid Run-In with Frisco Police

Say hi, Mr. Woods.
Frisco Police Department
Say hi, Mr. Woods.
Nineteen months after former Cowboy Terrance Williams' head-over-handlebars performance, another of Jerry Jones' finest has taken a star turn in a Frisco Police Department video. This time around, it's injured defensive tackle Antwaun Woods, busted by FPD for pot possession, tampering with evidence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The story, according to FPD, begins with a routine patrol on U.S. Highway 380 on Tuesday evening. An officer spotted Woods speeding and changing lanes without using his signal, according to an arrest report. The officer followed Woods to the 15500 block of Dallas Parkway and pulled him over.

The FPD officer — stop us if you've ever heard the police use this line before — "detected a very strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle" — so he called for backup. Woods, according to the officer, was glassy-eyed and slow to respond to questions. 
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Antwaun Woods
Frisco Police Department
Believing they had probable cause, the officers searched the vehicle, finding "2 glass mason jars full of marijuana, a small gold cylinder container full of marijuana, multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia (small pan w/
residue and small metal container w/ residue)," according to the arrest report.

All told, the pot totaled less than 4 ounces. Had he been stopped in Dallas County, that amount would've left Woods eligible to be cited and released. Collin County gives its residents and visitors no such leeway.
To add insult to injury, officers tacked on a felony tampering with evidence charge, because Woods put the joint he was apparently smoking before getting pulled over in a water bottle in his car. While one could see that as Woods showing the officer a little courtesy — he said that he was just "trying to do right" by putting it in the water bottle — the officer did not.

Woods is currently out of jail on $3,500 total bond.

Woods, 26, who has played in eight games this season, has missed the last two games with an MCL sprain.