Jingle Dell, Jingle Dell ... Jingle All the Way (to Midnight Rambler)

courtesy Midnight Rambler
Jingle all the way to our favorite speakeasy for this festive cocktail.

Our favorite downtown basement cocktail bar, Midnight Rambler, recently announced its “Island of Misfit Cocktails” menu, with 11 cocktails to put a bow on this holiday season. And in true Midnight Rambler form, they’re all extraordinary.

We were wildly excited to try the Pho-King Champ and the Seasick Crocodile, but we were most intrigued by the Jingle Dell, a cocktail that somehow makes frankincense approachable.

Quite honestly, we can’t say it any better than they do, so … “The drink is an elevated diorama of a peppermint/cinnamon candy cane rounded out with the holiday flavor of frankincense and the northern flavor of birch.”

Drink up.

This cocktail will be available until Dec. 31.

Jingle Dell ($14): Rosé Champagne, Ceylon cinnamon, frankincense, birch, peppermint

Midnight Rambler, 1530 Main St. (downtown)