Christmas Tree Pickup Was This Week, So Lessen the Blow with an Alpine-flavored Cocktail from Parliament

Susie Oszustowicz
The herbaceous
Parliament’s extensive cocktail menu usually leaves nothing to be desired, but around the holidays, we’re those monsters looking for something seasonal.

We got excited when we heard they had a handful of winter-leaning cocktails, and we hurried in to choose our favorite.

We found one that did just what we needed it to ... and it’s keeping the spirit of Christmas alive thanks to an alpine liqueur paired with a white port.

The herbaceous brightness of the alpine liqueur makes you think you should be sipping the light (read: also low ABV) cocktail on a mountaintop, watching snow fall onto aspens with uncomfortable ski boots strapped to your feet, but you’ll have to settle for sipping it from the vantage point of one of their tall bar stools in uncomfortable heels (or dress shoes).

Herbaceous ($8): Lee Spirits Alpine Liqueur, Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry White Port, Q Spectacular Tonic
Parliament, 2418 Allen St. (Uptown, State Thomas)