For Someone Who Hates Impeachment, Ted Cruz Sure Does Love Impeachment

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, impeachment expert
Gage Skidmore
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, impeachment expert
We probably should have seen it coming. Impeachment is an arcane, anachronistic and deeply partisan process, so of course it's right up Ivy League nerd Ted Cruz's alley.

Despite lamenting the impeachment process since its specter was raised this fall, Cruz has taken every opportunity afforded him to present himself as the wise man capable of understanding the true meaning of the effort to remove the president.

He's made "constitutionally insufficient" something of a mantra for his GOP colleagues, made more cable news appearances than one could shake a stick at and produced a selfie video to make sure his constituents know just how fair he's going to be, during a process he's already sussed out as a sham. Cruz is, as my grandfather used to say, happier than a pig in crap. Let's say crap. He even got Fox News' Sean Hannity to call him a "Cruz Missile" for trotting out one of the oldest legal canards in the book during a press gaggle Tuesday night. Cruz was so in love with his performance in front of the media mics that he tweeted nine separate video clips or stories celebrating his act. Wednesday, Texas' social media-loving junior senator took things even further. In addition to his social media presence — Cruz's accounts have remained active even as the impeachment trial has been in session, despite a prohibition against electronic devices in the Senate chamber — Cruz is going to star in a nightly podcast going over the trials highlights.  Cruz's office is also fact-checking claims made by Democrats. There is literally no part of the process the senator doesn't have his hands in — all in the service of a man who implied that Cruz's wife was ugly and said Cruz's father was involved in the Kennedy assassination.