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Wholesome Prison Blues: Here’s the Best of the Internet to Keep You Company These Weeks

We found the best of the wholesome internet.
Oleg Ivanov/Upsplash
We found the best of the wholesome internet.
People will always search for comfort in any way they can find it, especially amidst an international threat. Everyone needs something good to grasp onto right now, so we've put together a list of some wholesome videos to remind you of the warmth this world still holds. Whether you’re hunkered down in isolation, or trying to keep a grasp on normalcy, take a break from the constant news cycle and soak in these wonderful moments.

What’s the internet without a few cat videos?

Cats have a certain oddity about them that make us humans hopelessly obsessed with them, and the fluffy little things have even led ancient civilizations to believe they were gods. The internet has blessed us with documented moments of cats seeming to speak English, and boy, is it cute.

Well, at least he tried his best.

Not every dog is cut out for service work, and this sweet German shepherd proves that maybe he shouldn’t be assigned as someone’s caregiver.

Paint night with Pops ends in a masterpiece.

It’s always heartwarming to see children showing their parents something they love, and including them in the activities as well. This dad goes to his first paint night, and after warming up to the process, ends with a proud smile and a beautiful work of art. 

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? Up Theme Song - Michael Giacchino
Your dreams are achievable, no matter how outrageous they may seem.

This commercial for Pot Noodle begins as a typical motivational TV spot, showing a young man training hard after watching a boxing match. But the ad waits until the very end to reveal not everything is as it seems, and that you’re capable of reaching the stars in ways you never thought possible.

OK, time to rethink the entire Pokedex and rename some key characters.

A popular YouTuber gave his grandma her 15 minutes of fame by showing her pictures of Pokemon and asking her to name them, thus giving us an incredibly adorable montage of this woman giving the sweetest names to favorite childhood characters.

Terrifying vampire creatures of the night are a lot less intimidating when they’re eating fruit.

Bats are undeniably cute, and have just gotten a bad rap over the years — and especially lately. This video of a bat stuffing its cheeks full of banana helps reduce a lot of that negative stigma, and one peek into those cute little eyes will have you wishing these creatures nested somewhere in your attic.
Never forget the queen that you are.

When your friends or family have forgotten just how incredible and special they are, it’s important to remind them in creative ways. This TikTok artist uses her hair to create 3D sculptures and bestows upon her sister the crown she rightfully deserves. 

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