You’ve Sheltered in Place Like a Pro. You’ve Earned a Dessert Binge.

Emporium Pies' from-scratch baked goods will cure any shelter-in-place blues.
Sara Kerens
Emporium Pies' from-scratch baked goods will cure any shelter-in-place blues.
Well, here we all are, crushing this shelter-in-place thing, for better and worse. Honestly, we're super proud of you. Mom-level proud. For that, you should treat yourself! And help a local small business or baker at the same time. Air high-fives all over the place.

Below are some ideas to get your creative dessert juices flowing. Or pull out your map and find a neighborhood place that serves amazing Key lime pie (post a photo in the comments) and savor every bit.

Norma’s Cafe is a quintessential old-school pie place of Dallas. You can order their pie of the day to-go or through Favor Delivery. They’re also running a #FavorANeighbor promotion to assist essential workers who are busting it right now. So, want to send a pie to healthcare workers or a fire station? Go ahead! Want to send another to yourself for social distancing like an old pro? We certainly won't argue with you.
Emporium Pies has created a pie drive-thru at their Bishop Arts District location, and they offer local pie delivery. Their spring menu got me thinking if I had to spend my shelter-in-place with one of those guys, which would it be. I think it might be their Lord of Pies.

Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate will sell scones and coffee cake this Saturday. We tried some Cuban pastries she made a few weeks ago: Goodnight, were they good. Don't miss a chance to try what she can bake. Pre-order by noon Friday, April 3, by emailing her. Dude, Sweet has shuttered their stores, but they can mail them to you, with no shipping charge on local orders of $40 or more.

click to enlarge La Tarte Tropézienne - ALISON MCLEAN
La Tarte Tropézienne
Alison McLean
La Tarte Tropézienne is based out of St. Tropez, France, and has been trying to open their Dallas location (and first ever outside of France) since early this year. They were finally ready to throw open the front doors this week, but alas ... They’re starting with delivery (3-mile radius) and curbside pickup this week. The namesake quintessential item is a sweet brioche bread piped with cream (photo above). Get a three-pack of “baby trops” with any $25 order. Watch their Facebook page for their official launch. Order by calling 917-596-4033 or email [email protected]

click to enlarge Cinnamon roll Saturdays! - KESSLER BAKING STUDIO
Cinnamon roll Saturdays!
Kessler Baking Studio
Kessler Baking Studio is offering delivery and curbside pickup noon to 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Their new menu includes a Create Your Own Tiger King Viewing Box, which includes nine cookies for $30, which may or may not be enough to drown the loathing after watching the Netflix series. And, here's a way to break up the endless days of Samedays: cinnamon roll Saturdays! Why wouldn’t you? The hot chocolate cookie is my favorite. It has a strong chocolate flavor, but packs some heat.

Cake Bar at Trinity Groves is known for their from-scratch, Southern-style cakes that you grew up eating in grandma's kitchen. Slices are available for pickup or delivery. Orders can be made on the Trinity Groves site and they'll bring your slice out to your car.

I was at Malai Kitchen for lunch once, sitting at the bar working through a bowl of tom kha gai, when a family of about five came in and took up the rest of the bar to my right. The only thing they ordered: one serving of every dessert on the menu. You can do the same right now! What an amazing time to be alive, right? But, I wouldn’t share my banana pot de creme with anyone, ever. Or the mango sticky rice. And definitely not their coconut creme pie.

click to enlarge Chocolate pie in East Dallas - THE HEIGHTS
Chocolate pie in East Dallas
The Heights
The Heights Lakewood makes all their desserts from scratch in-house. Right now they have a Tuaca creme brulee, blueberry-apple crumble and a chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust (see photo above). Call ahead with your order (214-824-5800), and they deliver during dinner hours 5 to 9 p.m.

Chocolate Secrets has a special curbside menu with bonbons, truffles and Champagne. Call ahead (214-242-9801), and they’ll bring it to your car. Secret is the key word here. No one has to know about it.

And finally, for the love of all that is beautiful in this world, if you’ve never had the Chocolate Glob at Parigi, now is your time. This Dallas chocolate dessert icon has been served for more than three decades for good reason. It's like a brownie that's not quite cooked all the way with hot fudge running through it. I saw someone lose their mind once because the restaurant had run out of them. Ah, the good ol' days when we could complain at restaurants. Their curbside menu, of course, includes the glob, and you can also get a bottle of wine.

See? Together we can do this.