Good to Go: Whisk Crêpes Are Good In Many Ways

Taylor Adams
There are beautiful crepes in West Dallas.
Good to Go is a column where our food writers explore Dallas' restaurant scene through takeout orders, delivery boxes and reheated leftovers.

There are special, large, triangle boxes. A little preview window gives you a glimpse of what’s inside.

But don’t let it sit there too long. It is, after all, a delicate, perfectly made crepe waiting every second for you to eat it while it’s fresh.

At Whisk Crêpes Café, there are no tables outside (yet — owner Julien Eelsen says there may be in a few weeks) so stand at a distance and consume the goods in the sunshine. Or do so in your car.

Or, you can be like some of us and make the most out of your time and consume it while your car’s in line for curbside pickup at Peticolas Brewing Co., which is seven minutes away and not too far for anything to happen to that crepe.

There are usually specials on the menu, and even though a pandemic may prevent you from walking inside (staff members greet you right out front), they’re still getting creative.

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The inside of the Normandy, which has plenty of greens. So you're basically eating salad, right?
Taylor Adams
There’s a savory one right now that you must get. The Normandy has egg, Gruyere, French cider-braised onions, Dijon, chives, creme fraiche and greens ($11). Every part is so cheesy, there’s a bite of the soft onions, and the Dijon, chives and creme fraiche blend throughout everything. The greens line the top to offer a bitter bite of making you feel like you’re eating something healthier. But this buckwheat crepe is pure indulgence.

And better yet: Between writing this and it getting published, Eelsen let us know that "Normandy is here to stay." Thank goodness.

They’ve also added breakfast sandwiches to the menu. They aren’t basic looking sandwiches, either. For those of us who live in Dallas and have been watching these things on the social media of Eelsen’s Plano store, Whisk and Eggs, we’re pretty stoked to have the chance down here to experience them.

NEW MENU ALERT! We have a new menu with a load of new items including this Ciao Di Parma: over easy egg, prosciutto,...

Posted by Whisk & Eggs on Monday, November 18, 2019

Whisk and Eggs had been closed a while, but it recently opened for takeout, which means Eelsen is up to something not many are right now: He’s hiring.

“It’s not crazy-good still, but [business] is fine,” he says. “It’s been pretty steady; we have more regulars every week, some new regulars we hadn’t seen before.”

He also got Paycheck Protection Program loan assistance, helping him open the Plano store.

“I sheltered, kind of, three employees from Plano in Dallas right now so they can help us here … so they’ll go back to their previous jobs,” he says. “So we need to hire a couple of people here and probably people in Plano.”

The more the merrier if it means the delicious craft of crepes can continue.

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Does Nutella taste sweeter when it's free? Perhaps.
Taylor Adams
Since the coronavirus started affecting Dallas, Eelsen has been providing a free crepe to people in the service industry. (Mind you, one is plenty for one meal.)

And for the past two Thursdays, Eelsen has also been offering free Nutella crepes — anyone who walks up gets one, no questions asked, no purchasing of other crepes necessary. (Though, if you’re able to pay for a savory crepe, it’s strongly advised you don’t miss an opportunity to do so.)

So when you get a meal here, you’re not just getting a pretty buckwheat crepe paired with intentional ingredients. You’re supporting people to work, of course, and you’re helping a business that’s helping others.

Nutella or not, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Whisk Crêpes Cafe
, 1888 Sylvan Ave. (West Dallas). Takeout and wine delivery available. 469-407-1899.