With "Black" Is Beautiful Stout, Brewers Across Nation Take Up Police Reform as Cause

The Black is Beautiful can art to be shared by many.
Weathered Souls Brewing Co.
The Black is Beautiful can art to be shared by many.
Weathered Souls Brewing Co. in San Antonio recently launched a "Black" is Beautiful initiative “to bring a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers, in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily.”

The idea is that other brewers use Weathered Souls' basic stout recipe and add their “own spin and love to it." They're asking brewers to wrap the finished product in a common label (see above) and support a local foundation with a portion of the proceeds.

From their website:

“In the collaboration efforts, we would like a portion of the proceeds to go to your local foundations that support police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged. We think everyone should choose their own entity to donate to and spread the love as much as possible.” 

Weathered Souls, which was co-founded by Marcus Baskerville and Mike Holt, chose the Know Your Rights Campaign as their foundation to support. Lakewood Brewing in Garland has chosen to support the NAACP-Dallas. They’re working on the beer and expect it to be available in the taproom in about a month.

Other local breweries that have already signed up include: Turning Point Beer, False Idol Brewing, Celestial, Brutal Beerworks, Intrinsic Smokehouse, 903 Brewers, Vector Brewing, Oak Highlands Brewing, Legal Draft Beer Co., On Rotation Brewery, ODD Muse Brewing and Four Corners Brewing.

The original recipe is designed to "highlight different hues and shades of black." The artwork for the can is on their website as well.

The list of brewers participating is growing quickly; as of Friday morning there are more than 283, including over 50 in Texas. They’re updating the list in their comments section of their Facebook page.

Theoretically, if they started working on the recipe this week, the beer would be ready in about a month. We'll keep you posted.