Would You Eat Where Someone Tested Positive? Diners Say Transparency Matters.

Some restaurants are closing and reopening after a staff member tests positive for COVID-19. How do you feel about returning to those?
Aaron Pruzaniec / Wikimedia Commons
Some restaurants are closing and reopening after a staff member tests positive for COVID-19. How do you feel about returning to those?
We’re going to keep updating you on restaurants that announce they’re temporarily closing because staff members tested positive for COVID-19, but today, we're sharing how some people feel about returning to such places.

Many restaurants say they’re having other employees tested, closing for a few days to get those results and doing deep cleans, etc.

We’re also hearing some restaurants have members testing positive and aren’t sharing the information with the public (if you want to share details on that, please contact critic Brian Reinhart).

So I took to social media to find out how people feel about returning to such restaurants. As you’ll see, at the very least, transparency matters.

How do you feel about going to a restaurant that has reopened after being closed because someone on its staff tested positive for COVID-19?

Posted by Taylor Adams on Friday, June 19, 2020

"There are most definitely restaurants that have remained open in spite of employees testing positive. I’m thankful for those that have been transparent and are clearly taking this issue seriously. I hope that we collectively support them."
Mark Wootton, East Dallas

"I feel like Sandwich Hag had some of the very best safety precautions early on and felt really safe taking out there. The fact that they have a small staff and they caught it early and then were transparent with their customers is exactly who I want to give my money to".
Lisa Mohon, Oak Cliff

"I had reservations for Montlake cut tonight. On Wednesday they called to cancel. They said someone was exposed to COVID. They weren’t clear if it was staff or a patron but they said they are closing to get the place professionally cleaned and to test every single staff member. After which they will reopen. That’s more than reasonable to me. I would totally go back."
Anna Shumakevich, East Dallas

"Every place in the city is going to have a case within a few months. It wouldn’t stop me. Plus you’re effectively punishing places for being transparent when other restaurants have done the opposite in the same situation."
Mark Norris, Dallas

"I absolutely would as long as it is a place that I trusted before. Just because a staff member gets sick from this shit, from god knows where, doesn’t make it the fault of where they are employed AT ALL.
We’ve been through enough already... seriously...
Is this a food transmitted virus? No. So relax...
All of y’all crying “no” are seriously going to put us all out of business for good.
I firmly support social distancing, I fully support reasonable safety measures, I support the health and welfare of the people that work in my restaurant."
Lance McWhorter, Tyler

"The real question to me is ... Why are restaurants under the microscope the most for positive employees? Grocers and retailers are facing same issue? Yet, you don’t hear Walmart, Target, Costco closing to sanitize their building and test their employees. Please note I am completely in belief of transparency with full disclosure when an employee is ill and believe in following procedure with cleaning and testing. Why aren’t other businesses that also serve food/groceries being written about and cleaning procedures/ employees.
We can’t live in total fear. As long as servers are wearing masks and gloves and they are following social distancing guidelines and sanitizing things. I’m fine. I truly believe I can’t manage what my employees do when they aren’t at work. If they get sick, it not directly our fault. That’s my thoughts... You know I always have a lot to say."
Christine Erdeljac, Far North Dallas

"I commend them for closing in the first place. But I still do takeout and don't enter ANY eating establishment that doesn't require masks by staff or clientele. So yeah, that’s none, so TAKEOUT!"
Annette Krausse, East Dallas

Friends! Dallas! We are back open today 12-dinner after cleaning and sanitizing our restaurant and testing all...

Posted by Alamo Club on Friday, June 19, 2020
"I would say yes. I’d rather patronize a place for being honest with their customers. I know of two places who had staff members test positive and did zero announcement. They both are open for business right now. You’d rather give those people money than the ones who were being transparent? The reality is, unless you’ve lived in a cocoon for the past few months, you’ve probably had a few brushes with COVID. If not, you soon will."
Meri Dahlke, Deep Ellum

"I've only eaten out three times since restaurants started to reopen, and I felt mostly safe in all three scenarios. There have been times that I picked up a carry-out order and really questioned the precautions taken, so I haven't been back. I think it all depends on the place. If you go into a restaurant and you don't feel like they are doing what they need to do to keep you and their staff safe, I would stay away. I can't say I would totally avoid a restaurant that closed due to an infected employee though, because as a restaurant owner, we have no control over what our employees do during their off time. All we can do is ask for transparency, check temperatures and sanitize like there's no tomorrow. There's a Dallas restaurant that very recently closed due to an employee illness and they did everything right from day one. I will absolutely be back once they open."
Amanda Scott, East Dallas

"Without a vaccine, most all of us will get this at some point. Shaming people or companies for dealing with it safely and honestly IMO is the worst possible thing we collectively can do."
Shawn Terry, Turtle Creek

"I haven’t been to eat in a restaurant and don’t plan to without a vaccine. With that said, it blows my mind that people want to punish the restaurants that are being transparent and responsible. Every day we see the daily positive numbers include that over 80% of positives are front line workers. Those are restaurant workers in large part (and healthcare, infrastructure, etc). Most restaurants that have been open have had cases by now — it’s basic math. If I were going to restaurants, I would ONLY be going to the ones that had closed and reopened as they are the only ones I could be certain were taking their known cases seriously."
Lauren Berman, North Dallas

"We don't know how many employees of other open businesses may have tested positive, either."
Rebecca Miller, Dallas