Less Stress, More Wellness: Where to Find Your Zen Right Now in Dallas

Stephen Karlisch
Breathe Meditation in Dallas is one of the many places where you can de-stress from your pandemic-induced anxiety.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Facing the pandemic and civil unrest, Dallas residents are mentally and physically unraveling as they come to terms with the not-so-normal “new normal.” And lest we forget the unplanned quarantine-15 abs packed on from stress eating, over-indulgence, boredom or all of the above, one thing is for sure – we’re all in need of a little TLC.

The quest for balance, self-care, optimal health and wellness is often top of mind as we navigate the worrying effects of everyday survival, depressing social media threads and just regular news. So what level of Jumanji are we on now?

“There’s so much uncertainty in this world right now and that is the worst thing for human beings,” licensed psychologist Jenny Jones said on a recent Zoom webinar discussing isolation. “It does debilitating things to us. It leads to depression, and it leads to more loneliness.”

While Dallas is not on complete lockdown (yet), the possibility of even further social distancing is enough to send us into a tailspin. So if you’re feeling on the edge and going to indulge, binge on this. We’ve found several wellness facilities, businesses, programs and services for you to tap into for balance, with a special added touch of normalcy. So breathe deep and soak it in. Your mind and body will thank us later.

Breathe Meditation & Wellness
4131 Lomo Alto Drive

The newly minted studio offers socially distanced meditation classes onsite as well as “breathe at home” virtual meditation and wellness techniques to “ease the stresses of modern life” — healing you from the inside out. Reiki is available in addition to vibrational sound therapy and crowd fave Crystal Bed Therapy, a multi-sensory experience tailored to your chakras for rejuvenation and healing.

HeyyHealer Holistic Health + Wellness Studio
324 E. Belt Line Road., No. 500, Desoto

When all you need is love, HeyyHealer’s “Zen Box” is the coveted gift that keeps on giving. From sage and bath salts to bath bombs and ginger tea, rose oil, ginger candy and more, the Zen Box is the one-stop box for peace, serenity, self-love and healing. Contact Heyy Healer online or via phone for orders.

Dallas Yoga Center

4525 Lemmon Ave. Suite 305

An oldie but goodie, this Dallas yoga staple says it is turning “social distancing into personal and social deepening” with its virtual live stream of yoga, mindfulness and wellness classes for its DYC members. Additionally, through its CARE4 Initiative, the center is giving back to essential workers with free yoga and meditation classes. Currently, the yoga center is only offering virtual classes and is closed for in-person visits.

Hiatus Spa + Retreat Dallas

5560 West Lovers Lane, Ste 250

A relaxing oasis, this popular Big D spa boasts the usual remedies to best treat yourself. The most underrated experience is its “One and Only” pedicure, with a zero-gravity chair, an eye pillow, blanket and warm neck wrap and noise-reducing headphones. Before booking, be sure to check out Hiatus’ COVID-19 Safety Program.

Class Studios
2801 N. Central Expy #200

Kill two birds with one stone at this studio where you can sculpt, sweat and vibe at the same time. Join via livestream or in-studio for the 45-minute SCULPT class. A fusion of heat, rhythm, power and release, this mat-based program proves itself powerful from the inside out, providing much needed attention to both the mind and the body.

Team Bailey Fitness
3711 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.

If you’re battling the quarantine 15, husband and wife duo Cedric and Schnequaw of Team Bailey Fitness has you covered. While their typical group yoga, dance, rhythmic bootcamps and high intensity sessions are on pause for safety precautions, they still offer personalized training, nutrition and meal plans in-person at their TBF Studio in Dallas. Shed the stress, sculpt, tone and embody all things wellness with this dynamic team. Call or visit their website for booking.

Ozone Bar
5360 West Lovers Ln. Suite 210

Whether to boost your immune system, detox or increase circulation, The Ozone Bar is premium in the land of health of wellness — there’s no experience like it. To embrace the luxury of ozone therapy, try the HOCATT sauna machine. Strip down, relax and enjoy 30 minutes of pure oxygen, light and color therapy, micro-currents and more, as you sweat out impurities and toxins, while your entire body (from the neck down) is enclosed in this state-of-the-art machine.

IV Nutrition
4924 Greenville Ave., Ste 100

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are administered by IV directly into the bloodstream for the ultimate in healing and maximum effects. Sit back, relax and recline as you choose between the “Insane Immune” IV, a full liter bag containing 15 grams of vitamin C, lysine (which purportedly helps fight viral infections), trace minerals, magnesium and all of the B vitamins. The Stress Sedation IV helps to reduce stress and adrenal fatigue while naturally boosting serotonin, melatonin and GABA production and communication in the brain. Yes, please!

Watercolor Meditation with Colorsnack

Colorsnack founder and watercolorist extraordinaire Volta Voloshin-Smith has crafted a unique pivot for her business during the pandemic, and that’s the introduction of watercolor meditation.

“Ever since the pandemic started, I kept coming back to my meditation practice to deal with anxiety,” Voloshin-Smith says. “Being an artist as well, I started combining some of the breathing exercises for mindfulness with simple watercolor techniques, which not only helped me regain my peace but also left me with a colorful painting as a result.”

Voloshin-Smith offers a self-paced virtual watercolor meditation course at the introductory level, combining several breathing and mindfulness exercises for a fun and meditative experience.

The Weed Spot
502 N. Madison Ave.

Not your typical place for “wellness” per se, this Bishop Arts hotspot is the go-to for all things CBD — from coffee and tea to candles, soaps and oils (for you or your pet), in addition to the hottest new rage for your immune system: sea moss. Release your stress and anxiety with a selection of goodies that taste as good as they feel.