Chilled to Go: Haute Sweets Patisserie’s Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Soft, Cold Perfection

Taylor Adams
The chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie-ice cream sandwiches form Haute Sweet
For July and August, we're bringing Chilled to Go: weekly posts on the best things you can get for takeout to beat the heat. 

It may be safe to say many of us had more ice cream treats as kids than we do as adults: Push-pops (when I was a kid the Flinstones were on these for some reason), those cones with vanilla ice cream and that nut-studded chocolate shell on top and ice cream sandwiches, chocolate, biscuit-like cookies shaped in rectangles sandwich ordinary vanilla ice cream. Biting into the soft cookie that gently gave way to the firm ice cream was the kind of moment that was perfectly suited for 3:30 p.m. on the last day of school before summer break.

But now we’re adults. And there’s a pandemic. These two realities are reasons we should up the ice cream sandwich game and support a local business.

So head to Northeast Dallas, where you can pick up this treat at Haute Sweets Patisserie. Chef and owner Tida Pichakron pairs their from-scratch cookies with a scoop of Beth Marie’s vanilla ice cream, a business out of Denton.

I made such a sandwich just last week — I baked perfect (if I may say so) snickerdoodle cookies and sandwiched them around ice cream from Melt in the Bishop Arts District. It was lovely.

But not as good as Pichakron’s.

At Haute, the cookies are the perfect texture to complement ice cream. They’re soft and chewy, nearly having the consistency of cookie dough you don’t want to stop eating. (They are, in fact, baked all the way.)

The ice cream is softer than the usual, with a gentle flavor that lends focus of each bite to the cookie. There are three options, cookie-wise: dark chocolate, chocolate chip and oatmeal-pecan-raisin.

The way the cookie gives is consistent in all three flavors, but the oatmeal-pecan-raisin is perfect. Feel free to @ me if you’re one of those oatmeal-cookie haters. I'm confident they're superior. And if you don’t believe me, have this cookie (sandwich).

It’s soft, chewy, more interesting than the others with its mash of ingredients and a lovely density to soak up ice cream that falls on to your plate when you bite into the sandwich.

Note: The ice cream will try to burst from the sides — unless you have a super freezer more powerful than mine, so plan accordingly.

Other stories in our Chilled to Go series have talked about ice pops, sno balls and frozen cocktails. All of those are refreshing, sweet and perfectly suited to cool off your afternoon, but you have to consume them pretty much when you get them. A benefit to the ice cream sandwiches you get at Haute is that you can buy a few and keep them in your freezer.

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Decadence, individually wrapped
Taylor Adams

Online ordering is a breeze (as always when restaurants use Square) and you can set your pickup time to when it’s convenient for you (during their operating hours anyway).

Haute’s menu is fairly huge; look to the tabs at the top and click/tap “frozen treats” if you want to skip over other items to give you reasons to run more miles. Make your selection, pull up when you’re supposed to, call them (the number’s posted on the exterior window) and they’ll drop your items in your car.

Stock up on a few and on a future afternoon when you’re sitting around, feeling hot and wondering if it’s the 200th day of the pandemic yet, you’ll be thankful this treat is ready for you in your freezer.

Haute Sweet Patisserie, 10230 E. Northwest Highway, 214-856-0166. Open for curbside pickup only noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Delivery is available (though not for frozen treats) 2 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.