The Stubbs Specials at Coppell Deli Are Breakfast Sandwiches for Bacon Lovers

Kristina Rowe
The Stubbs special: You need this breakfast sandwich.
Coppell Deli is more of a diner than a deli, but sandwiches absolutely play the starring role here. And if the sandwiches are stars, the breakfast sandwiches are the equivalent of an astronomer’s bright giants.

The Stubbs breakfast sandwiches, named after the early-1990s Dallas Cowboys player Daniel Stubbs, are still the highlight of the menu. During the early days of the no-frills eatery 30 years ago, Cowboys players and coaches frequently dropped by for the sandwiches, and as the team’s winning stats grew, so did the buzz surrounding the sandwich. NFL color analyst John Madden even raved about the Stubbs during game broadcasts.

The giant, greasy-in-a-good-way sandwich lives up to its decades-long hype. Served on Texas toast, the Stubbs special starts with a sausage patty that nearly reaches the edges of the bread. A melted slice of American cheese is on top of the patty with heaps of scrambled eggs and bacon strips.

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Sandwiches of all kinds are worth your time here.
Kristina Rowe
Since the sandwich is the equivalent of two hearty breakfasts, you could split it with someone if you’re so inclined. Personally, I like to take most of the bacon off and save it for another sandwich later.

The bacon is what makes all the sandwiches and breakfast options outstanding at this low-key diner in Old Town Coppell. Some people believe there are foods that cannot be improved upon, and bacon is one of those foods. To those people, the only way to make bacon better is to serve it in giant portions. On that count, Coppell Deli is winning.

But if you believe there is good bacon and better bacon, this is definitely better bacon. It’s never too tough or too limp here, and the flavor is more complex than simple saltiness. It’s the kind of bacon that makes you raise your eyebrows in surprise and delight when you take a bite.

Five other varieties of the Stubbs sandwich offer different meat combinations, and all but one of them highlight bacon. They’re all massive. Venture away from the Stubbs section of the menu, and you’ll find BLTs stacked deep with bacon on Texas Toast and sausage biscuits.

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Might as well get in all the carbs.
Kristina Rowe
While no sides are needed, the breakfast potatoes, seasoned with a touch of spice and served piping hot, are a great addition to an indulgent breakfast.

If your giant sandwich outing leaves you with some food guilt, you can pay penance when you make the trip on a Saturday morning. Swing by the Coppell Farmers Market around the corner and pick up a week’s worth of fresh produce. Or if you’re guilt-free after your splurge, top it off with some Wackym’s Kitchen cookies from the market.

Even if over-the-top sandwiches aren’t your style, you can still enjoy the comfort food at this thriving local joint. Half-pound burgers served with fries, tater tots or onion rings are local favorites; lunch and dinner options include salads, a few healthier diner standards and Mediterranean specialties like gyros and kebabs.

All of those are fine choices, but if your motto is, “you only live once,” the Stubbs special deserves a spot on your bucket list.

Coppell Deli, 449 Bethel Road, Coppell. 972-462-0101. Open for takeout 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.