North Texas Shaved Ice Stands to Visit This Summer

The loaded mango margarita snowcone at Snow on the Rox comes with a drizzle of housemade chamoy.
Snow on the Rox
The loaded mango margarita snowcone at Snow on the Rox comes with a drizzle of housemade chamoy.
With temperatures rising and COVID cases going down, summertime fun is back, and that means shaved ice. (We have a low bar for fun around here.) Unfortunately, East Dallas’ favorite spot for the treat, Ruby’s Sno-balls, posted a note on their Facebook page about location issues hindering them from serving the community.

Texas summer isn’t the same without something frozen in a cup, so here are some choices to keep your outdoor adventures chilled. Whether you enjoy sipping a smooth snowball or chiseling through a chunky snow cone with your spoon, we’ve got you covered with these choices.

D&L Shaved Ice

3741 S. Malcolm X Blvd. (South Dallas)

D&L Shaved Ice is a South Dallas mainstay. Cash and Cash-App are the only ways to have access to their wide array of snowcone flavors, Frito pies, fried Oreos, funnel cakes, Kool-Aid pickles and Kool-Aid pineapples.

Rainbow Snow

5422 Bernal Drive (West Dallas)

“Everything” and “anything” are the only answers if you ask, “What can I get in my snowcone?” when you go to Rainbow Snow. Whether you choose to indulge with a brownie and ice cream or add natural sweets by requesting fruit in your cup, Rainbow Snow has everything you want.

W Wheels Snowcone #1 & Shaved Ice and Funnel Cake #1

9185A Bruton Road (Pleasant Grove)

Imagine your favorite candy. Now picture it on top of a snow cone. What you're seeing is a W Wheels Snowcone. The walk-up window for the snow cone stand is between a Domino’s and Exxon gas station in the Bruton Terrace Shopping Center. This spot is known for having a line after 5 p.m. on weekdays and afternoons all weekends. People come far for their favorite flavor and to try something new on their menu, which features over 100 snowcone flavors, wings, Kool-Aid pickles and funnel cakes.

Krave Sno-Balls & More

3555 W. Walnut (Garland)

Located in the Village Plaza parking lot, this trailer came to my attention via my sister and the DFW Black-Owned Restaurants Facebook group. Last summer was a continuation of months of uncertainty with the pandemic and civil unrest, but the friendly faces behind the mask at Krave Sno-Balls offered a moment to enjoy being outside. Their Polar Punch gave me an incentive to visit again to see what flavors it's made of.

NOLA Snoballs

Discovery Gardens (Fair Park)

Straight outta New Orleans, NOLA Snoballs' owner Maureen Ehrlicher brings the Crescent City to Texas with Zapp’s Chips, Aunt Sally’s Pralines and even Louisiana-inspired scented candles along with her snowballs. She recently relocated from her original location on Jefferson Boulevard to Discovery Gardens at Fair Park. If you are feeling adventurous, order the “Swamp Water,” a culmination of all the flavors.

Sno-ball Express

1835 N. Galloway (Mesquite)

The small shack holds at most two people, but it will have a parade of cars in a line in the Northridge Center parking lot. A “cash only” sign hangs on the ice cooler outside. My advice is to try whatever “Specialty Flavor” is listed on the menu above the cashier. It’ll be an innovative concoction that was created with the customers’ taste buds in mind to keep them coming back.

Snow On The Rox

324 E. Belt Line Road (DeSoto)

This entry is the newest on the list. After three years in business, Roxana Saldana found a permanent residence for her trailer last May. Snow On The Rox, located in the Grow DeSoto Marketplace, wants everyone to associate two words with them: fresh and vegan. They use fresh fruit for their snow cone toppings. They also have various vegan foods you wouldn’t expect along with gourmet snow cones, including vegan ribs and steaks from Boneless Butcher, vegan tamales from OMG Tamales and Mama Ruthie’s Aztec Salsa from Saldana’s own mother. (See photo at top.)

click to enlarge The pop-culture menu at Sno-Biz is enticing. - TERRANCE PORTER
The pop-culture menu at Sno-Biz is enticing.
Terrance Porter


1127 W. 7th St. (Corsicana)

If you are out exploring historic Corsicana, go a bit further down the road to Sno-Biz first and grab a cup of snow to enjoy while walking around. The 50-cent difference between the big top and flat top options is only significant if you’re concerned with wasting any of your snowcone on the ground. Pro tip: go to the window instead of the drive-thru because you will be staring at the overwhelming number of options for a while and you don’t want to hold up the line trying to catch each pop-culture reference on the menu.

Southern Chill

South Third St. (Mabank)

The blue shack out in Mabank reopened their drive-thru and walk-up window for round two. Southern Chill opened last summer in the Cedar Creek Lake area. They serve New Orleans flavors like Ragin’ Cajun Red Hot, Praline Pecan and Mardi Gras King Cake that you won’t find easily outside of Louisiana. If those sound too spicy or sweet, you can always go with the sour option, a Pickle Juice snowball made with real dill brine.

Snowie Town

221 S. Frey St. (Corsicana)

When you are about to hit Interstate 45 from Corsicana, stop by Snowie Town for a treat that can be enjoyed behind the wheel while cruising on a hot summer day. More than likely it’s going to be finished before you reach Ennis, so if you’re trying to have something to accompany you to Galaxy Drive-In, order the large size. Also, when you see a flavor called Zombie Anti-Virus on Snowie Town’s menu, order that with no hesitation. How else are you going to survive the summer?